Welcome to My New Home Part 2

Good morning, sweet friends. I am so happy that you are joining me today for another tour of my new home.  Lots of work has been going on at my house, and I am so excited to show you the living room. As I stated in the previous post, most of the house was painted a dark brown mauve.

You can see below how the room looked when we toured the home before buying it.

Now for the new and improved space….

We painted the walls the same color as we painted the foyer, Benjamin Moore Straw. It is amazing how much brighter and lighter it makes this space. It is such a transformation!

Most of the decor in this room is from my previous home. I did purchase a new rug, a couple of chairs, and a lamp from a local consignment shop.

Below are two French blue chairs and a red lamp that I purchased at the consignment shop.



The living room has built-ins on each side of the fireplace. It is a wonderful place to display some of my blue and white collection.




I wanted so badly to display the picture below in my living room. However, it’s size was just too small. Therefore, I decided to make it larger with a plate display. I love to use plates as wall art, and I adore the blue color against the yellow walls.


I am so happy that you stopped by for today’s tour.  Mr. Bleu and I still have lots to do, but we have come a long way. I can’t wait to show you more! Thursday, I will be posting my dining room.  Take care and have a wonderful Monday!!!

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  1. Cathy Merritt

    Oh my! It’s so beautiful! I knew it would be!? So excited to see more! So happy for you!

  2. Your blue and white is beautiful against the wall color! Your plate arrangement expands the picture perfectly. You did good with the rug, chairs, and lamp. You make everything lovely down to the tiniest detail. I love your new home!

  3. Shannon, You have made your new home yours. I relate to all the work you have done. I am blown away by your stunning blue and white collection. All those shelves were perfect for you.

  4. Shannon, your living room is gorgeous! I love the built-in cabinets and the color you chose makes the room so warm and inviting! I’m so happy for you!!

  5. Beautiful! I love your furniture in your new home. Everything looks like it was meant to be there. I know you are enjoying the bookcases. The lamp was a great find.

  6. Shannon, this is just so beautiful! You’ve got this look down perfectly and it has always been a favorite of mine. You sure find great things!!

  7. Shannon, your home is just beautiful…I love your style, it is classic. You found great chairs at the consignment shop. Your blue and white collection is perfect on the buil-ins! Can’t wait to see the dining room, sweet friend!

  8. Love your new home. We have very similar tastes in blue and white with touches of red and the wall color. And so glad you didn’t place a tv over that pretty fireplace. Have fun!

    • Thank you, Brenda, for the sweet comment! I just couldn’t put a tv over that fireplace. There is a cabinet beside the fireplace for a tv. However, the house was built in the 90s when televisions were smaller. So, we are going to have the cabinets adjusted. For now, we just put a smaller tv in there. I am so happy that you stopped by for the tour. I hope that you are having a wonderful week!!!

  9. You are making great progress and it’s fun trying to identify your special likes.

  10. Shannon, your home is just beautiful! I love your blue & white throughout the room, stunning! You are making great progress to transform this home into your own.

  11. Wow the room looks wonderful. The new straw color is perfect and works well with your furnishings. Love how your new arrangement on the wall with the picture turned out, The two new chairs fit in perfectly- great find!

  12. Beautiful! I love the new wall color! I looked at straw actually for my house exterior. It is a beautiful color. Also, goes well with the French blues! Your new home is so nice! Thank you for sharing!

  13. This room is spacious and I love the built-ins. They are perfect to display your blue and white collection.

  14. I am sure you are spending many happy moments in that room, admiring how beautiful it is. Love the blue and white throughout the room!!

  15. Your new home is lovely, Shannon. Thanks for giving us a peek. I do love your blue and white pieces!

  16. It is all coming together so beautifully, Shannon! I really like the pretty yellow you used.

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