The New Sitting Room

Welcome, dear friends! Can you believe that the autumn season has arrived? Oklahoma’s weather must have missed the memo, because we are breaking records with temperatures in the upper 90s and low 100s. The past few days, I have been trying to bring out some of my fall decor. However, with temperatures that high it feels too much like summertime to do so. I hope that wherever you are, you are beginning to enjoy cooler days.

Last week, Mr. Bleu and I took a vacation to Highlands, North Carolina. Our anniversary was in June, but with everything going on this summer we decided to postpone our celebration until early September. North Carolina was beautiful, and the weather sure did spoil us. We had a most wonderful time! We stayed at the Old Edwards Inn, and I highly recommend it. It was a gorgeous inn, and the hospitality was exceptional.

As you may remember from my last post, I promised to show you the new sitting room. However, in true fashion, everyday living delayed the tour. You may recall that I was taking care of my husband who had Covid. As luck would have it, I became sick as well. Then my two younger children followed suit. After being sick for 12 days, I started to feel even worse. Then, my fever returned. A secondary infection had set in. My youngest was only sick for 3 days with the virus, but 20 days later he also ended up with a secondary infection.

The entire month of August was spent recovering and taking care of my family. The fatigue was terrible. I have never felt so tired in my whole life. Without my family, I do not know what I would have done. I am so blessed to live close to my parents and in-laws. My mom and dad, mother-in-law and father-in-law, and sister-in-law and brother-in-law made sure we had plenty to eat. My heart was truly grateful for all of the delicious meals and supplies that they sat on our doorstep. I love them all so much and could not have made it without them. I am happy to report that we are all feeling so much better. Good health is definitely something to be thankful for.

Since it is so warm outside, I will invite you in for some iced tea and a tour of my new sitting room. This room is the perfect spot to have a wonderful visit and enjoy a tall glass of sweet tea. It just feels like a happy space with all of the glorious sunlight shining through the windows.

Last winter, I painted the room Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. It is one of my most favorite interior wall colors. After painting the room, I decided it was time for a change in furnishings. However, I had a few pieces that I wanted to keep and work into the space. Once again, I decided to visit Nell Hills in Kansas City to find items that would work with my existing furnishings to create a new look.

The tufted settee in blush pink is by CR Laine and is my most favorite piece in the room.

The pillows were made by Nell Hills to coordinate with the furnishings and room.

The coffee table was an estate sale find. If you have followed me for any time, you know I love a collected over time look. Mixing antiques with new traditional pieces helps me to achieve that look that I so much adore.

Both of the chairs are French antiques. The floral chair is covered in a Charles Faudree fabric and was a birthday gift from my parents and husband a few years ago.

The French parlor chair was a recent online auction purchase. I chose to cover it in a pink buffalo check fabric.

The botanical prints flanking the pink settee are from Nell Hills. Botanical prints are timeless pieces that I have been seeing a lot of in decor. I love anything floral, so I have been collecting these prints for years.

The small tables as well as the Chinoiserie lamps are from Nell Hills. When I saw these lamps, I just had to have them. I love that they are pink and Chinoiserie in style.

The raspberry plaid settee belonged to my beloved grandmother. She adored pink, and I know that she would have loved this room. The fabric was in excellent condition. Therefore, we were able to leave it as it was and just add some custom pillows to compliment the other colors in the room.

Lastly, new roman shades in a pink houndstooth were made by Nell Hills to complete the room.

Sweet friends, I am so happy that you were able to visit me today. Your visits and kind words make my day. I hope that you have a most wonderful day doing the things that you love. I am going to try and get my fall decorating finished. Hopefully, cooler temperatures will arrive soon!


  1. Kathrine Anderson

    Very pretty! I love your red and white transfer ware.

  2. The pink sitting room is to die for!!! Absolutely beautiful.
    Love your living room. I am normally not a blue and white fan but you may be swaying me in that direction!!!

  3. Oh, Shannon, I am so sorry you have been sick and your family, too. Hopefully, your energy has returned. That is the worst!
    I love all your new pieces. The pink blush settee is beautiful, and the pillows are divine! The roman shades add that elegantly curated look. I adore your chinoiserie lamps too. Everything is so well done.
    It's hot here also, and I can't wait for cooler temps. But it looks like hurricane weather is headed for the Gulf Coast.

  4. Shannon,
    Such a beautiful space. Love all the new chinoiserie pieces. Glad you are finally past the Covid episode, and to relapse a few days later sounds dreadful.
    I've always wanted to stay at the Old Edwards Inn. Sounds like a special getaway.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely space.

    • Hi Colleen! Thank you so much for your very sweet words. Hopefully, you will get to visit the Old Edwards Inn. We had a wonderful time there. It is such a pretty place and has several delicious restaurants. Wishing you a most blessed week ahead!

  5. Nancy Brantley

    Sorry to hear about covid experience. My husband and I had covid back to back also in August. We took Paxlovid and heard this medication causes relapse??? Your sitting room is Beautiful! I have Nell Hill's books. Love your grandmother's settee. Love your rug also!! Stay cool, it's suppose to cool off here tomorrow in NC.

  6. Shannon, I am so happy you all are feeling better. Your sitting room is stunning. I love everything…the tufted sofa and pillows, the chinoiserie lamps, the butler’s tray table, your beloved grandmother’s raspberry plaid settee, the botanical prints, and the houndstooth Roman shades. I am a fan of mixing fabrics, textures, and colors. You did an outstanding job designing your room. It is the perfect spot to entertain friends for afternoon tea. It is all exquisite!

    I am so glad you went to Highlands and stayed at Old Edward’s. I love the English country style of the inn!

    • Thank you so much, sweet friend! We chose Old Edwards Inn, because I remember your post about visiting there. We had such a wonderful time. It is such a beautiful place, and the local restaurants are wonderful. My husband loved it so much that he said we should make it a yearly tradition. I agree with you…I love the English country style of the inn. It is decorated beautifully. I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. Hello Shannon… I am so happy that you are all feeling better. It seems like it was a rough go for all of you.
    Your new pieces for the sitting room are quite stunning. I love how you also have your grandmother’s settee … what a treasure! The lamps are perfect and your rug is beautiful.
    Thank you for your tour… we loved it!
    Happy Fall!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your and your family‘s illness. Thank goodness everyone has recovered. As much as your parents were able to do to help you, I’m sure they felt helpless. Family and Health are everything! Your new pink decor is delightful. I have always appreciated your use of color in your interior design. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Hi Susan! I am so happy that you stopped by for a visit. Thank you so much for your very kind comment. I agree so much with you that family and health are everything. Take care and have a most wonderful week ahead!

  9. I am so sorry to hear of your and your family‘s illness. Thank goodness everyone has recovered. As much as your parents were able to do to help you, I’m sure they felt helpless. Family and Health are everything! Your new pink decor is delightful. I have always appreciated your use of color in your interior design. Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Shannon, I’m so sorry you and your family have been been so sick with Covid. Hopefully it is behind you all. Your sitting room is gorgeous. Your grandmother’s settee is a lovely treasure and she would absolutely love this room!

  11. Your sitting room is beautiful. I am sorry you and your family had covid. Glad you are all better now.

  12. Oh Shannon, I'm so sorry you've been so ill! Thank goodness you had your wonderful family to help, there's nothing worse than trying to care for sick kids when you are sick yourself…Your sitting room is just lovely, the pink is so warm, happy and inviting! The lamps are beautiful, I can't believe you found them in pink! Happy belated anniversary, I'm so glad you were able to escape the heat in the mountains of beautiful NC ❤️

  13. That's quite a change—-such a lovely English country cottage feel and it will be such a comfy setting for a cup of tea. Can't wait to see your Christmas setting in this room. Fresh and lovely all year round.! Sandi

  14. Hello, Shannon. So sorry you have not been well. I hope this finds you on the mend. Your room is beautiful and it made me think of my mom. How she would have loved the pink – I do too.
    The holidays will be with us soon and you truly have a jump start on refreshing your home.
    Take care and enjoy these autumn days.

  15. Hi Shannon! Your rug is so beautiful— could you share where it is from?

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