Happenings and Updating the Living Room

Happy August, dear friends! Today, as promised, I am sharing updates with you that I have made to the living room. I had good intentions of sharing this with you sooner along with a patriotic tablescape, but as luck would have it my blogging platform had other plans. For some reason, the platform that sends my post to you would not work properly. After several weeks of trying to figure out the problem, hopefully it is now solved. When it comes to technology, I am definitely challenged.

How has your summer been going? Our summer has been pretty busy, and it seems to be going by way too quickly. We have had several days of triple digit temperatures. Keeping up with watering the grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers is becoming quite a chore. However, this past weekend we received a blessing. After several weeks without rainfall, we finally received rain. The farmers and ranchers in my area are truly suffering from this drought.

July has been quite an eventful time for our family. On July 1, we were involved in a car crash. I count my blessings that no one was severely injured. The crash totaled my car, but things can be replaced, people cannot. Saturday, I celebrated my birthday, and I am thankful for another year. However, the celebration will have to be postponed. Poor Mr. Bleu was not feeling well Saturday morning. Therefore, I made him go to urgent care. As luck would have it, he tested positive for Covid. He works so hard and has been burning the candle at both ends. He travels quite a bit with his job, and I feel that must have been how he contracted the virus. So, for now, I am taking excellent care of him. Hopefully, he will be on the mend soon.

With the extreme heat and being quarantined to the house, I will be staying indoors as much as possible. My heart is truly grateful for a roof over my head and air conditioning. Speaking of air conditioning, why don’t you virtually step inside and join me for a tall glass of iced tea and a tour around the living room.

You may recall, last summer, I traveled to Kansas City to visit Nell Hill’s to purchase a few things to refresh my living room. This was truly a thrill of a lifetime for me. That store is absolutely breathtaking! If you ever have the opportunity, I promise a visit to this lovely store will not disappoint.

In November, I returned to Nell Hill’s to work on the front sitting room. My ordered pieces for the living room arrived in early spring, and the items that I ordered for the front sitting room just arrived a few weeks ago. I’ll share the sitting room with you next week.

The Chinoiserie coffee table is one of the new additions that I chose to update my space. Nell Hill’s has several talented interior designers to help with designing or updating your space. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kim. She is so talented and loves color and pattern as much as I do.

This pair of chairs along with the bar cart are another addition to the room. The chairs are by CR Laine and covered in a blue striped fabric.

I had the lumbar pillows made at Nell Hill’s as well. They have a room full of gorgeous fabrics!

As I was updating my room, I decided to refresh the mantel as well. The Federalist mirror was already in place, but I decided to add these botanical prints around the mirror. I purchased them a few years ago at an estate sale of a home that Charles Faudree had decorated. It was like stepping into one of his books. Blue and white pieces and Staffordshire dogs complete the vignette.

You may have noticed that Mr. Faudree’s pastry table has moved to this spot. In our new home, it felt hidden. So, I decided to move it to where I can enjoy it more. In a couple of weeks, I will share with you another Mr. Faudree piece that I was able to acquire a few months ago.

Friends, I am so happy that you joined me for sweet tea and a little tour. Your visits and friendship mean so much to me. I hope that you have a most beautiful and blessed day! Take care!


  1. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    I am so glad that no one was hurt in your car accident! That must have been scary! I am sorry to hear your husband has Covid. Sending get well wishes his way. Your room looks beautiful! I love that coffee table and your new chairs. Happy August!

  2. Love the living room and the addition of color! Tired of all the neutrals. It is breathtaking. Wishing your husband a quick recovery.

  3. Sorry to hear about the car accident, but glad you all are safe. Hope your husband is on the mend, and back to feeling better soon. The room refreshes are beautiful!! I've always wanted to visit Nell Hill's, as it sounds like a designer's/ decorator's dream! I see you're a James Farmer fan. Me too! Looking forward to receiving his new book. Have a great rest of summer Shannon!

  4. Sbirley @Housepitality Designs

    Gorgeous Shannon!….You have acquired so many beautiful things, from the coffee table, to the chairs and those gorgeous pillows….Always wanted to visit that store…however quite a distance for me!
    Enjoy your new surroundings…well done Shannon! Happy August!

  5. This all looks so beautiful. I might sneak in there in the middle of the night and replace that fan with a pretty chandelier. I know you want it for air. We need them in Colorado too, but since we have air conditioning and an attic fan I got rid of them all, for some reason I think they ruin the look of a room. I really love to read your posts, hope your family is all well after the accident. My hubby also has Covid right now.

  6. Shannon, I received your original email and commented. I am not tech savvy at all. The chinoiserie coffee table is stunning and one of the first things I noticed. The chairs are perfect and the pillows add the wow factor. I love the new location of Mr. Faudree’s pastry table, what a treasure you have. The botanical prints surrounding the Federal mirror are stunning. The room is magazine worthy!

    I hope your hubby has a speedy recovery and so thankful that you all sustained no injuries in the wreck. Stay well, sweet friend!

  7. Hi Shannon! So glad to see a lovely post up from you. Your new additions are beautiful. So colorful and elegant. You know me… I love color!
    I am so happy you are all safe from the accident. Always such a scare and they total cars so quickly now a days! I hope your husband is on the mend. Stay healthy my friend.

  8. Shannon, your home is so beautiful! It always has been, but your new additions truly are a stunning addition. I’m so sorry to read about your husband, I know he is getting the very best care. I hope symptoms are mild and he’s soon back to healthy.💙. Wishing you a blessed day, friend!

  9. Happy (belated!) Birthday! All your purchases are stunning and really make your living room inviting, warm and elegant! So sorry to hear of Mr. Bleu's Covid, but with your caretaking I am sure he will recover quickly! Looking forward to your post about the front sitting room – but in the meantime, stay cool!

  10. Shannon, Your photographs are so professional! Your new items are beautiful, and you have artfully changed items around with your stunning additions. I agree with Pam that your room is magazine worthy.
    I hope your husband has a speedy recovery and you don't get it.
    Yes, the summer has passed very quickly. I have had my grands for two weeks so I have been away from social media.

  11. Good morning, Shannon. As you can tell I am still playing catch-up. As you probably read, I lost July and honestly most of August. I was in the hospital for ten days in July and August was spent being on the mend. Your room and your new selections are beautiful and I know you will enjoy the space for many years to come. So sorry to hear about your accident, but thankful no one was hurt. Also sorry to hear about your husband and hope he will be better very soon.
    Again, your room is lovely – wishing you a beautiful autumn.

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