Fall Touches in the Entry

Happy Tuesday, dear friends! Fall decorating has been in full swing this past week at my house. Today, I am excited to share a little spot in my entry. This space houses my French cabinet and shelf and a few other little treasures. It is the perfect spot to add seasonal touches.

Each season, I like to change the china residing in the shelf to create a new look that reflects the season at hand. For autumn, Johnson Brother’s Friendly Village was the perfect choice. It is a favorite of mine.

A fall pick with sunflowers, pumpkins, and fall berries sits perfectly in front of the large platter.

In the pitcher, I chose a simple bouquet of bittersweet and pheasant feathers. Mr. Bleu is an avid pheasant hunter and always brings me feathers from his hunting adventures.

For an additional touch of autumn, sweet little green pumpkins are perched in teacups.

You might even spy a rooster or two standing watch.

I wanted to share with you a recent estate sale find. Last spring, Mr.Bleu and I attended an estate sale of one of Charles Faudree’s dearest friends. (In coming days, I will be sharing another special piece that I purchased from this sale. I can’t wait to show it to you.) The sales are always chaotic with people snatching and grabbing. If you want something, you must grab the price tag to purchase it. It’s crazy! On this particular sale, Mr. Bleu and I split up. He went upstairs, and I shopped downstairs. After we had shopped our areas, he came downstairs with a smile on his face and told me he had purchased me a chair that looked just like something I would love. He was so proud, and I was so happy when I saw the French needlepoint chair. It was gorgeous and in perfect condition. I am so blessed to be married to such a sweet and thoughtful man. He knows me all too well!

My sweet friends, as always, your visits make my day. I wish you a most beautiful day doing the things you love! Take care!


  1. Good Morning Shannon! I so love your entry and your shelf is styled perfectly for Autumn. Johnson Brothers Friendly Village was a lovely choice.. And what a beautiful chair your husband bought you. It’s gorgeous!
    Enjoy the season my friend…
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Your entry looks lovely dresses up for fall. What a wonderful chair your husband picked out!

  3. Good morning, Shannon. Your entry is gorgeous and so welcoming. I love “friendly village”, it is a perfect fall pattern. Your hubby did fabulous with the purchase of the needlepoint chair. You have bought so many beautiful pieces. I believe this is my favorite house that you have owned. Everything is exquisite, classic, and oh so French!

  4. Shannon – I am so impressed with everything, but the roosters just kill me! I love those 2 rooster! Your chest and shelf pieces are beautiful, and the whole presentation feels welcoming and cozy. The chair is gorgeous; you certainly are blessed to be married to a man who will find and buy something he knows you will love! I am looking forward to more fall posts from you!

  5. A beautiful fall entry…..everything I love!!
    What a wonderful chair , your husband is a great hunter, 😍!
    Have a delightful season….enjoy it all!

  6. Cathy Merritt

    Shannon…this all so beautiful! The dishes are perfect for the season and are beautifully displayed in that wonderful piece!!!!!!! The chair…🥰🥰🥰…sooooo GORGEOUS! What a glorious find! As always…love it all!

  7. Love your beautiful pieces. Such fun to have it all come together. My husband would have done the same thing buying that chair! Happy fall!

  8. Such a lovely chair, Shannon. It will remain a treasure of yours for many years to come. Everything looks so pretty dressed for fall. Enjoy your gorgeous home – I know you work hard to maintain its beauty.

  9. Nancy Brantley

    You have decorated that French cabinet beautiful with Johnson Brothers China. Your husband was sweet to grab that gorgeous chair for you. I love needlepoint, petit point, and aubusson!! And to be a chair from Charles Faudree's friend is icing on the cake! Your home is beautifully decorated!

  10. Is that a Chateau D'Ax Italian needlepoint chair?

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