A Table Brimming with Blessings

Welcome, dear friends, to my Thanksgiving table brimming with blessings. Today, I am beyond blessed to be joining several of my tablescaping friends to bring you our Thanksgiving tables. You will find the links to all of the participants at the end of this post. I want to give my gratitude to Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate for organizing these blog hops.

This past year has been difficult for so many. We have had to adapt, overcome, and persevere. However, no matter how difficult or bad things may be there are always blessings to be grateful for. I make it a daily practice to end my day recounting at least three blessing that occurred that day. It is my belief that even in difficult times there are always hidden blessings. We just have to take the time and look for them.

After a terrible ice storm crippled most of my state, Saturday was a most beautiful autumn day. The perfect day to set a table of thanksgiving outdoors surrounded by God’s beauty.

For the foundation of my table, I chose a French tablecloth in a deep rose tone.

My favorite turkey plates top each plate stack.

Ralph Lauren napkins and Oneida Michelangelo flatware were added to each placesetting.

The crystal glasssware is Dublin by Godinger.

Flowers from the grocery store along with pheasant feathers placed in an antique copper French jardiniere create a simple centerpiece. I chose to arrange the flowers in a glass jar and place it into the jardiniere.

The autumn colors were just stunning last weekend, and the sunshine streaming through the trees created such a glorious and welcome site.

The freeze line just barely missed us so we are still surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. For several days last week, we had bitterly cold temperatures, heavy rain, and high winds. On Monday, we lost power for about 5 hours. However, we were the fortunate ones. Many of my fellow Oklahomans are still without power and have suffered a great deal of damage due to the ice.

Every day, I feel so blessed to have a loving family and be so fortunate to live surrounded by so much beauty that God has provided for us all to enjoy.

My dear friends, I am so grateful for all of you and want to wish you a most blessed month ahead filled with peace and happiness. Please be sure to visit all of the gorgeous tables. I know you will enjoy the tour! Take care!

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  6. Shannon, I am so glad you didn’t have the ice storm in your area, so much devastation in the photos I have seen. Your table is just beautiful with the lovely French tablecloth. The antique jardiniere filled with flowers and feathers is the perfect centerpiece! I do love the turkey plates. What a pleasure sitting at your table with the gorgeous backdrop of trees dressed in their autumn colors. Wishing you a most beautiful season of Thanksgiving sweet friend!

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  8. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    A beautiful table set in a beautiful setting. Love the pheasant feathers and the turkey plates.

  9. Shannon, what a perfect spot for an intimate Thanksgiving meal! Your table is beautiful with the French tablecloth, gorgeous plates and centerpiece! I’m so glad your neighborhood missed the wintry weather. We’ve had a killing frost and some rain but the trees are still pretty here. Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving! Zenda

  10. Your outdoor setting is so beautiful with all the glorious fall trees Shannon! And I love what you said about ending your day finding 3 things to be grateful for, that is such an important thing to focus on because you are so right, there are many things to be grateful for everyday, you just have to look for them…a stop and smell the roses kind of thing…Anyway!! Your flower arrangement is swoon worthy, I am crazy about the feathers, beautiful! The plate stack is gorgeous too…I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving month, and no more ice storms please!!

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  12. Such loveliness in each and every photo! What a beautiful setting to have Thanksgiving! The trees are gorgeous and what a fabulous backdrop!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family my friend.

  13. Absolutely lovely outdoor tablescape! The Fall foliage in Oklahoma is gorgeous.So glad you escaped the "ice". We all are so very thankful for so much…if we would just stop and think about it. God is good.

  14. To be able to sit at such a pretty alfresco Thanksgiving table would be heavenly – especially with the backyard view you have.
    Love your personal view on counting your blessings each day. The right attitude really can change the heart.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  15. Shannon, I'm grateful that the ice storm missed you and that your alfresco setting remains beauutiful and inviting. Your table is full of colorful details. Each delights! I'm curious about your tartan plate tucked under the turkey plates. So you mind sending me the details with a photo?

  16. How wonderful to be able to set an outdoor table and enjoy the lovely fall weather! I love the colors you used and the way you dressed up the grocery store flowers. Great to hop with you again!

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  18. What a gorgeous day you had for your photos. There is something about the angle of the Fall sun…that just throws beautiful shadows and enhances colors. Gorgeous table setting, if only the weather holds for Thanksgiving. Lovely! Sandi

  19. Shannon, I can't imagine those still without power after that storm! You were certainly fortunate, and the beauty of your land surrounding your tablescape would never even hint at the destruction the weather brought to areas closeby.
    Your table is beautiful in the alfresco setting. That French copper jardinière is a real beauty! Your combination of plates is a nice surprise of pattern play, as are the RL napkins and French tablecloth. I hope your Thanksgiving season continues to send blessings your way. Each day we remain well I count as a blessing, and am happy my family is well too. As always, it's a pleasure to collaborate alongside you in these tablescapes.

  20. What a beautiful spot to dine! I love the dishes, especially those turkey ones! The flower arrangement is amazing with the feathers sticking out!

  21. Shannon, your table is absolutely beautiful in such a perfect setting. Everything speaks of Thanksgiving and autumn. So much in your photos tell of being grateful. And, you are so right there are always hidden gems if we just take a moment to look. Wishing you and your family a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving. Stay well, sweet friend.

  22. Shannon, I am so glad to hear that you can find several blessings each day that comes and goes. These are challenging times. I was so comforted by your beautiful outdoor tablescape. The french rose colored tablecloth really soothes the soul and contrasts beautifully to brings out the colors in your surroundings and in your centerpiece flowers and lovely salad plates. I can feel God's loving protection in your porch setting. Truly a beautiful place to be. It is a pleasure to blog hop with you during this Thanksgiving season. Have a blessed holiday.

  23. Shannon, would never guess the frightful weather you experienced from the photo's of your lovely al fresco table. Such a pretty fall setting! Especially like how you styled your table, pulling colors from the turkey plate in the tablecloth, etc. Love the plate stack combination of colors and patterns — like the plaid. Hope you have a most happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.

  24. Hi Shannon, you always set a stunning table. Ice storms are dangerous and happy you got power back. Prayers for all in Oklahoma.

    You have a great collection of linens and dishes. Your foliage is beautiful. Our leaves were pretty this year too.


  25. Shannon, What a beautiful alfresco table and wonderful expression of Thanksgiving. It’s hard to imagine that you had ice and bitter cold temperatures nearby when you see the beauty of the trees and your backyard. You’ve captured the beauty of the season. I adore your dish layers and Queen's Myott Thanksgiving Turkey is one of my favorite gobblers! So happy to be hopping with you again and join you at the table. Wishing you a continued season of Thanksgiving. ♥

  26. Shannon, you have set a beautiful alfresco table. Our floral centerpiece are so similar. You mentioned we have the same chandelier. I shall poke around to see yours. The trees are gorgeous with their vivid fall colors. Your plate stack is lovely, so love the turkey. We also have the same crystal glasses. Great minds think alike. I am so sorry you had to endure that terrible ice storm. I love your upbeat additive. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  27. Shannon, your table is beautiful. I love your stunning flower arrangement. The colors and lovely texture is gorgeous. Your french tablecloth is a perfect underpinning for your pretty china and crystal.
    The colorful trees in the background are beautiful.

  28. Shannon, what a perfect autumnal background for your Thanksgiving table! I am always drawn to the centerpieces, and yours is so pretty. The addition of the feathers was such a great idea! Your plate stack is stunning from the pretty turkey plates all the way down to the chargers! I love your practice of daily gratitude, and do the same myself. It gives me peace during this challenging time, but also hope for what is to come in the future! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  29. Table full of blessings… thankful the atorm missed you. Love the turkey plates and the mixed layering. Having a grocery store wiht nice flowers is a bonus.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tablescape with us. I love the gorgeous tablecloth and the turkey plates are my favorite! Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  31. Shannon, Your outdoor setting could not be more perfect for your lovely Thanksgiving table. I love the rich colors of your cloth and the flowers. Pheasant feathers are always a lovely nod to the season at this time of year. Lovely, lovely, lovey! Thank you for joining us once again!!

  32. Hello Shannon,
    I did not realize that you live in Oklahoma. I heard about the dangerous ice storm and frigid cold weather. So thankful that you are doing well now.
    You set the loveliest tablescapes and have the best outlook on life and it shows in your decorating style! Your deck and backyard are gorgeous and the changing of leaves is so pretty too.
    Love the deep richness of your bouquet with the pheasant feathers. Your tablecloth and of course your plates are stunning.
    Always a joy to participate in a blog hop with you.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  33. What a beautiful outdoor tablescape, Shannon! I love your plate stack with Tom Turkey and the plaid and brown transfer ware underneath. The flowers are lovely with the pheasant feathers. The view of the trees and fall foliage in your yard is so pretty! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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