Summer Living Room Tour

Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope your week is off to a great start. Today, I want to invite you inside where it is nice and cool for a summer living room tour. Please join me for a glass of iced tea and a nice visit as we celebrate summer.

As you know, I have a terrible addiction to pretty blue and white pieces. A few more blue and white treasures have found their home in my living room.

A new coffee table vignette was in order for the summer season. White tulips placed in a blue and white tulipiere and trinkets arranged on a gold mirrored tray create a fresh look. The lamps on the sofa table got an update with new lamp shades from Ballard Designs.

Below is a view of the living room looking toward the sitting room.

Additional blue and white pieces are grouped together on the pastry table. I think when collections are assembled together, they create an impressive and more impactful look. The chinoiserie lamp also received an update with a new scalloped shade from Ballard Designs as well.

The Jersey cow lamp below is a favorite of mine. I come from a long line of cattle ranchers and dairy farmers. Accompanying the lamp are hydrangeas from my garden placed in a willow vase. We had an early freeze last fall so; this year I haven’t had many blooms. However, the blooms I have been fortunate enough to receive have been enjoyed.

The view below looks toward the back of the house. Because we are high on a ridge and surrounded by trees, I often feel like I am in a tree house.

The blue and white lamp sits on a recent French antique piece that I picked up at an auction. I adore its shape, brass accents, and painted scenes.

If you look closely, you may spy Miss Ruby sitting in the wingback chair in front of the fireplace. She is my faithful companion, and I love her dearly! She loves cuddles and kisses and thinks she is a human. I may be to blame for that though, because I spoil her rotten!

Thank you for your visits and kindness, dear friends. I hope that you have a most joyous and blessed day!


  1. Oh my gosh, Shannon! Where do I start! I share your (slight!) obsession with blue and white, but your collection give me inspiration! You weave all the colors in your living room together so beautifully. Everything complements everything else; it's cohesive, cozy and welcoming. That cow lamp is priceless, and looks right at home nestled in with everything else. And the tulipiere? I learned something new from you; it's a beautiful and unique piece! I caught site of a very pretty little glass cabinet in the next room. I will keep an eye out for a post that shows that too!

  2. Alice Genzlinger

    You have a beautiful home! I did a close up on every picture and saw so many treasures I fell in love with. I also love color. Your carpet just sets it all off. I am a crazy person about lamps and their shades. Ballads new ones are just right for your room. My husband raised cows on the ranch, now just a farm, and I would love to find a lamp like yours.

  3. So warm and beautiful. I have been following your blog since you were in the previous home and really enjoy watching your style grow and flourish.

  4. Shannon. your summer living room is stunning. Like you, I love color. The tulipiere is gorgeous as are all of your blue and white pieces. I also have a thing for blue and white!! Your new French piece is beautiful and I love all of your new Ballard lamp shades. Miss Ruby is adorable and looks very comfy. Thank you for inviting us in to see your beautiful home dressed in classic Charles Faudree! Have a
    great week, sweet friend!

  5. What a beautiful and stunning summer living room. Thank You for sharing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  6. Beautiful living room. I share your obsession with blue and white pieces!! Also share your love of color! I still decorate with jewel tone colors! I never tire of them and they work beautifully with blue and white!!

  7. What a lovely tour of your beautiful home. I enjoy color as well as you and you bring so much of it together so perfectly!
    The tulipiere is gorgeous along with Miss Ruby!
    Thank you for bringing us into your home!

  8. Your living room looks beautiful Shannon and you have showcased your blue and white pieces so prettily! The tulipiere is my favorite, just stunning! I love the new blue and white lamp shades and you have a great way of combining colors and patterns. I love that sometimes you feel like you're living in a tree house! Miss Ruby is adorable and she fits right in!

  9. Hi Shannon. Your living room is just stunning. I love the blue & white and all your other patterns. You are incredibly talented in design. Have a blessed week!


    Bonjour, Shannon,
    All I can say is lovely, lovely, all the blue and white, I have to and love it, you have everything so warm and cozy and Miss Ruby is so sweet, love all your antique's and how everything fit's tgether so well, having a cup of tea is enjoyed all the time here, thank's for sharing`~~have a nice summer~~~Jean V.B.CA

  11. Is there anything more pretty than blue and white? I never tire of it and it just goes with everything!

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