An Easter Tea on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope this week of Easter finds you in good health and enjoying the beautiful spring season. Today, I am thrilled to be a guest for Tea on Tuesday. On the third Tuesday of each month my sweet friends, Pam from Everyday Living and Mary from Home is Where the Boat Is, share their love of tea. You will find images and links to their beautiful tea settings at the end of this post.

Easter is one of my most favorite holidays. It is a special time of rebirth and hope. Each year, I look forward to hosting my family for an Easter dinner with ham and all of the trimmings.

It was my hope to set an Easter tea outdoors, but mother nature wouldn’t allow it. Therefore, the next best thing was my sitting room.

Lenox Butterfly Meadow seemed to be the perfect dishware for an Easter tea. I love its pretty floral pattern and the sweet ladybugs, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies compliment the florals perfectly.

You cannot have tea without a few treats. Iced sugar cookies and jellybeans are the perfect accompaniment to a warm cup of Earl Grey tea. Early Grey is my favorite flavor of tea. Little chocolate eggs can be found on the other side of the tea table.

“People celebrate Easter with their near and dear ones. Nothing can be a better holiday to spend with your family than to celebrate the journey of the life of Jesus.”-Roma Downey

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny decided to join the tea party.

“The entire plan for the future has its key in the resurrection.”-Billy Graham

The floral arrangement for my tea table was simple and a lot of fun to create. First, I visited my local home and garden store where I purchased a few potted flowers. Next, I simply lined a basket with plastic and filled it with violas, ranunculus, creeping phlox, and dusty miller. Lastly, I placed Spanish moss around the base of the basket and tied a blue checked bow to the handle. In addition to the tea table, I will be using this arrangement as a centerpiece on my Easter buffet. Later, I will plant the flowers outdoors.

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”-Kate McGahan

“I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun not because I can see it, but by it I can see everything else.”

-C.S. Lewis

Friends, I am so happy that you joined me for tea on this special week of Easter. Your visits and kind words always bring me joy. May you have a most blessed and peaceful Holy week and a very happy Easter.

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Home is Where the Boat Is

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  1. Good morning Shannon, Your sitting room is such a pretty spot to enjoy tea! I have long admired Lenox Butterfly Meadow, aflutter with butterflies, dragonflies, and bumblebees. . .such a lovely pattern.
    Your pretty basket with scalloped blue fabric makes the perfect blooming centerpiece with your violas, ranunculus, phlox, and dusty miller. I love using pots of annuals or bulbs indoors that you can plant in the garden. Your bunny couple is adorable in their outfits holding their posies!
    Pam and I am so happy to have you join us for tea today. Wishing you a Happy Easter Week!🐇🐣🌸☕🐰💗

  2. Good morning, Shannon! What a beautiful setting for your Easter tea in your sitting room. I'm glad you set tea in here, so we can enjoy all the beauty! Your floral arrangement is so pretty, yet your explanation makes it sound so simple! I just love that, and planting outdoors later will be perfect. Happy Easter to you!

  3. Shannon, it is always a pleasure to be invited into your beautiful sitting room. It is the loveliest space for tea! Lenox Butterfly Meadow is perfect for Easter tea. I love the butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, and bees flitting around on the floral pattern. Earl Grey is my favorite tea and served with an iced sugar cookie would be delightful. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are a darling couple and add a whimsical element to your tea table. The basket of violas, ranunculus, creeping phlox, and dusty miller makes a beautiful statement to the arrival of spring and Easter. The extra bonus is planting the flowers outdoors. Mary and I are always thrilled to have you join us for tea.

    Wishing you a most blessed Easter, sweet friend!

  4. Cordee Rugg

    I always look forward to your post…what a truly gifted person you are! Super idea with the basket of flowers…I am so thankful you take the time from your busy schedule to share your gift with everyone..

  5. Maristella

    Amazing Easter Tea time ! It warmed my heart.

  6. Oh Shannon, how adorable are Mr. & Mrs. Bunny joining your beautiful Lennox Butterfly Meadow tea party! I would love a pink iced sugar cookie with my cuppa~ Your Easter basket of flowers is so pretty and I love the blue bow and the bowl of chocolate eggs tucked in the Easter grass. I always enjoy the quotes you tuck in~ I hope you have blessed and wonderful Easter with your loved ones 🌷🐇🌷💕

  7. Shannon, sorry Mother Nature had other plans your alfresco setting, but was your tea in your sitting room is most inviting. Love the flowers in the basket. Such an easy way to make a centerpiece, and it lasts a long time. I love this idea! Your bunnies, butterfly details, and those pink cookies are all delightful. Happy Easter!

  8. Shannon, Happy Easter! Your charming tea table in your sitting room is delightful!I love your idea of filling an Easter basket with plants for your tea table. Your teapot and cups, and Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are perfect for your Easter tea.
    Wishing your family a Happy Easter! I enjoyed your sweet post in a beautiful setting.

  9. Good Morning Shannon! What a lovely table you have set in your sitting room. Your Lennox Butterfly Meadow tea set with dishes makes my heart flutter. I love the color of it and the butterfly details.
    Your bunnies are a cheerful touch.
    What a fabulous way to make a centerpiece. And then you can plant the flowers. Brilliant!
    A beautiful post that can minister to so many. Thank you.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  10. Shannon, your little tea party is beautiful and yummy looking. I love Mr. and Mrs. Bunny and I’ve always loved the Lennox butterfly Meadow dishware. Even though we like to be out in the bright sun for a tea party, I have to admit I love the rain. Also, there’s something about the pitter patter of raindrops on the window that I look forward to. We are so blessed and God gives us rain when we need it whether we know it or not, blessings always

  11. I so enjoyed your lovely teatime, Shannon. I have a coffee table like yours and I love it. Your centerpiece is so pretty and such an easy idea, plus planted later. I’d love to be with you in your sitting room sharing some Earl Grey and treats. May you have a wonderful Holy Week and Happy Easter blessings to you.

  12. So sweet, cheerful and inviting ❤️

  13. Hi Shannon;
    Your Easter Tea party is lovely. I ordered and received Pansies . They are out front and will put them in the ground next week.
    Happy Spring
    A Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

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