A Blooming Pumpkin

Happy October, dear readers! On this lovely October day, I am so happy to be joining my flower loving friends as a guest bloomer for Monday Morning Blooms. On the first Monday of each month, Pam at Everyday Living, Lidy at French Garden House, and Mary at Home Is Where the Boat Is share their gorgeous floral creations. This month’s theme is pumpkins, and you will find links to my friend’s beautiful arrangements at the end of this post.

For years, I have admired blooming pumpkin arrangements. However, I am always intimidated to try my hand at it for fear of failure. This time, I decided to overcome my fears and give it a try.

When looking online, I found several different tutorials for creating a blooming pumpkin. One method showed cutting the top and hollowing out the inside of the pumpkin for arranging flowers. Another option was securing a container with oasis to the top of the pumpkin. After serious consideration, I decided that I wanted to preserve my pumpkin for as long as I could. Therefore, I removed the stem, and hot glued a clear saucer to the top of the pumpkin. Next, I attached floral oasis that had been soaked in water to my saucer. Finally, I was ready to arrange my foliage and blooms.

When I visited my local grocery store, it was slim pickings when it came to finding pretty blooms. I had a whole color scheme in mind with mums at the top of the list, but unfortunately, I had to come up with plan B. Returning home empty handed and in a bit of a panic, I decided to forage my yard and flower gardens for stems. Nandina was plentiful as well as abelia, Autumn Joy sedum, and vining purple lantana. Sometimes, things are right under our noses if we just calm down and look around. In true honesty, I had a lot of fun and gained great satisfaction from creating something from my own garden and making do with what I had on hand.

To celebrate my blooming pumpkin creation, I decided to set a tea table with my favorite autumn pattern Johnson Brothers Friendly Village. Several years ago, for Christmas, my Dad and Mom gifted me eight place settings. Each year on the day after Christmas, I would shop the Dillard’s sale and add to my collection. For years, I have always wanted the tea set, but it was discontinued. This summer, I found the set in mint condition on Goodwill.com. I was so excited to add it to my collection!

Pumpkin season always brings me joy, and you will find lots of pumpkins on my tea table.

In fact, pumpkins can be found all over my back porch. You will find them stacked in urns, and tucked into flower pots. To preserve my pumpkins and make them last longer, I give them a good cleaning and apply floor wax to them. I know there are several methods out there for pumpkin preservation, but this always works for me.

The tablecloth I chose for my table is from France and is a raspberry color. The napkins are by Ralph Lauren and were purchased several years ago at HomeGoods.

I am so happy that you stopped by to have tea with me and enjoy a little flower therapy! Sweet readers, I hope that I have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and create something pretty. The joy it will bring you will give you such satisfaction. I want to thank my gracious and talented flower loving friends for inviting me to join them for this month’s edition of Monday Morning Blooms. It is always such a treat! Take care and have a most wonderful day doing the things you love!

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French Garden House

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  1. Good Morning Shannon, Love your pumpkin with foraged blooms from your garden! It is so satisfying to pick foliage and flowers from your yard and create an arrangement. Love the mix of textures with the nandina foliage and sedum, in contrast to the dainty blooms of the verbena on pumpkin. Abelia is one of my favorite shrubs for the variegated foliage and the tiny white blooms that the bees and butterflies love. I have a set of four Friendly Village plates and I’ve never met a Johnson Brothers pattern I didn’t love. 😊 I know you were thrilled to find the discontinued tea set at Goodwill, in mint condition too! I’ve always used Clorox wipes on my pumpkins but I’m going to try the floor wax method to preserve them and give them a little shine. We’re so happy to have you join us for some flower therapy today, Happy October 🍂🍁🧡

  2. Good morning, Shannon. Your blooming pumpkin is stunning! I identify with going to the grocery store searching for blooms during the winter months and coming home empty handed. Like you, I often panic. Your garden had beautiful offerings for a blooming pumpkin, Autumn Joy Sedum, Nandina, Abelia, and vining purple lantana combine for a gorgeous blooming pumpkin, I love the Friendly Village pattern by Johnson Brothers and is a precious gift from your parents. How fortunate you found the tea set. The raspberry tablecloth makes your table sing!

    It is always a pleasure to have you join us for Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful October 🍂🧡🍁

  3. Beautiful tablescape! How fortunate you were to find your tea set in Goodwill! Enjoy it for many years.

  4. Hi Shannon! I would love to sit on your porch and have tea with you and enjoy your beautiful blooming pumpkin! I have done pumpkin arrangements this way and they are so much better than cutting into the pumpkin. Your arrangement of flowers from your garden is so pretty and perfect for Fall! Your tea set was a fabulous find, and looks pretty with the raspberry tablecloth. I am intrigued with your pumpkin cleaning method, what kind of floor wax do you use? This Monday Morning Blooms was the perfect kick off for October!

  5. Shirley @Housepitality Designs

    Shannon, your blooming pumpkin, the beautiful dishes….your Fall Tea Table is so beautifully curated! Your deck is so wonderfully decorated for Fall! Such a delight to see what you created!!! Happy Fall! 🍁

  6. Shirley @Housepitality Designs

    PS. I’m going to try the floor wax on my pumpkins. I have already thrown away some that have rotted. Never had this issue before.

  7. This is gorgeous, Shannon. You did a great job with your own garden! I love the mix of pumpkins on your porch and the textiles with your Friendly Village. I was able to snag 73 pieces of the pattern service at an estate sale back in January. I think I'll keep part of it and sell the rest. You posting it reminds me I need to get it out of storage and into the antique mall! Happy October!

  8. so pretty Shannon and I will try the floor wax treatment as I have also thrown a pumpkin seeping liquid after only 4 days! 🙁 Last year, I had pumpkins last until January and my family visiting from up north couldn't believe it. I love finding pieces of dishware as it is like Christmas for me. Your flowers and pumpkins are lovely.

  9. Shirley you have a beautiful Fall setting. Love the Friendly Village. We have them also. We also have the tablecloth, which is hard to find. Thank You for sharing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  10. Good Morning Shannon! What a lovely Autumn table you have set for tea and tasty treats. Your Blooming Pumpkin came out beautifully with all of your very own flowers! I have never made one but now you have encouraged me to do so. Thank you!
    Happy October!

  11. Shannon, I love your blooming pumpkin and understand how much you enjoyed finding flowers in your garden. Your setting is lovely, and your French tablecloth set with your new teapot ensemble accented your pumpkin beautifully.
    Your deck looks pretty with stacked pumpkins and your lovely planter—such a happy atmosphere.
    I ran out of time yesterday, leaving town and having several responsibilities. I am sorry to visit late.
    I always enjoy your creations. Happy Fall! Enjoy the cooler weather.

  12. Really lovely setting, the light is just perfect and your arrangement is so refreshing. Love the dishes, really the perfect Fall post, Sandi

  13. Shannon, your blooming pumpkin is gorgeous. I'm envious that you forged from your own garden. Our super hot summer has left my garden a bit sad, but the past few days have seen it drop so I have hope.
    Love the thrifted tea set! Every detail of your table delights. I've pinned your planter for inspiration for my own terrace containers. It's time for a refresh. Happy Autumn!

  14. Shannon, I’m so very sorry! I wrote a whole big comment yesterday but maybe I forgot to hit the “publish” button? Your arrangement is SO beautiful! You’re not finding flowers proved to be just right, because your blooming pumpkins is absolutely gorgeous!

    I love the Autumn Joy Sedum, Nandina, Abelia, and vining purple lantana – they are perfect for your blooming pumpkin, I love the Friendly Village pattern by Johnson Brothers and how exciting you found the tea set. Your tablecloth in that vibrant makes your table so special!

    It is always a pleasure to have you join us for Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful October

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