Welcome to Tablescape Thursday! I am so happy that you are here for my sweet but spooky Halloween table.  Monday will be Halloween, and I couldn’t let my Autumn tablescape series go by without a Halloween tablescape. While I don’t have a lot of Halloween decor, I do have some sentimental pieces that I decorate with each year.

When I was a child growing up, Halloween was always a fun and special time.  As a child, I would patiently wait for my Dad to get home from work to take me trick or treating. I couldn’t wait! He couldn’t get home fast enough!  My Mom would stay home and hand out candy to the children stopping by.  After we were finished making our rounds, we would pick up Mom, and head to my Grandmother’s house for a Halloween Party. She hosted this party every year for my cousins and I. We were so blessed that we all lived in the same town.  It was so much fun! We would visit and eat lots of delicious food.  When we were ready to go home, my grandmother handed each one of us our own special bag of Halloween treats filled with candy bars, Cracker Jacks, and fruit. Oh, how I would give anything to go back again.

My fond memories have allowed me to pass this tradition down to my own children.  Every year on Halloween, we spend the day making crafts and carving pumpkins. In the evening, after trick or treating, we come home and have a Halloween Party. It is something my kids look forward to each year.  This year, I will only have one that will trick or treat, but the other two will be required to attend my party. I’m a sentimental girl, and traditions are important to me. Today, I would love to share with you my sweet but spooky Halloween table.


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 9

The centerpiece to my tablescape is very special to me.  It is a Jack-O-Lantern accompanied by ghosts and goblins that my Mother put out each year as her Halloween Decor. I placed the Jack-O-Lantern on a pedestal and surrounded it with a pretty Fall wreath.

Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 4

After all, you must have a Jack-O-Lantern to keep the witches, ghosts, and goblins away.

Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 5

If you look real close, you can see a few creepy spiders decided to join the party.

Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 11


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 3


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 8


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 12


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 7


Belle Bleu Interiors-A Sweet and Spooky Halloween Table 13


Thank you so much for taking a trip down memory lane with me. I’m so happy that you stopped by, and I hope that you have a happy and blessed Thursday!!!




  1. It seems great minds think alike as I set my Halloween table with the same dishes!!! Yours looks great! Hope you all have a FUN party after trick or treating!

  2. Shannon, I loved reading your sweet memories, I know you treasure the Halloween jack-o-lantern and ghosts passed down by your mother. I love keeping traditions alive…yours sound perfect!

  3. What lovely memories to hold onto! My Halloween growing up was full of wearing a raincoat over my costume and umbrella because in the Northwest it always rained on Halloween! Cute table, too!

  4. What fond memories for you! Table looks great. I especially like the inclusion of the candy corn. Happy Halloween!

  5. I love your sweet and spooky table Shannon! Your mom’s Jack makes a very special and pretty centerpiece on the wreath on your table!

  6. Your table is fabulous Shannon, and I loved hearing about your Halloween traditions.
    Those are the memories our children will treasure.
    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home.
    I am always excited to see you here and to see your wonderful projects.

  7. Adorable Shannon, I love your spooky trick or treaters! Have fun with your family Halloween party!

  8. I love the balance between spooky and pretty in this styling♥

  9. Gorgeous and oh so charming.

  10. So cute Shannon! I love it! 😉


  11. That is such a great tablescape, Shannon! The jack-o-lantern and ghosts are so adorable and not too creepy at all. Hope you have a fun-filled Halloween with your family!


  12. Sweet and spooky indeed Shannon!!!….Love it!….have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

  13. What wonderful memories! How magical that day must have been for you. I moved all over as a child, so I never lived near extended family. I am sure your children have enjoyed the tradition. Your table is so sweet, don’t you love how a wreath takes half of the work out of a centerpiece? I like the one you chose with the berries. The plates are perfect for Halloween or for Fall!

  14. Judy Hubbard

    I love your tablescape! The contrast of the orange & blue is very striking! And I loved hearing about your Halloween memories.

  15. Sweet memories. Wonderful Halloween table-scape … lots of great Autumn color.

  16. Your table looks amazing, Shannon and I love reading about your childhood memories – so fun! Happy Halloween!

  17. Like you, I have great memories of Halloween nights both as a kid and as a mom. Your festive table is perfect. Thank you for joining Monday Social.

    • Eilis, I am so happy that you have wonderful Halloween memories too! I love being a Mom and being able to make new memories with my children. Thank you for the sweet comment! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!!!

  18. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  19. Very festive table Shannon. It is so fun and colorful. The pumpkin centerpiece is darling. Nothing beats those childhood memories. Thanks for sharing. I hope your week is wonderful.

  20. I too love traditions and love to hear about everyone elses. Thanks for sharing. Your table looks great and it must be fun to spend the day with your kids making crafts and carving pumpkins.

  21. This was so sweet Shannon and I bet your kids love all of the family traditions. I love the table and the pictures are so vibrant! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

  22. Shannon I love that you incorporated sentimental decor! That is what makes a house a home. Thank you so much for sharing your adorable tablescape for the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party!

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