A Summertime Luncheon in the Garden

Welcome, sweet friends, to a summertime luncheon in the garden. I have missed you so much and cannot wait to get caught up over a glass of iced sweet tea, some delicious chicken salad, and a scrumptious slice of lemon cake. Along with your friendship, this makes for a perfect afternoon.

Today, I am once again so happy to be joining my tablescaping friends to bring you our summertime tables. Our fearless leader is the sweet Rita at Panoply. I am so grateful for all she does to organize these tablescaping events. A list of the participants can be found below.

For my summertime tablesetting, I chose my favorite place in the whole wide world….my garden. It is my happy place where the world just seems at peace with the sounds of birds chirping, dragon flies zooming through the air, and cicadas humming their summer song in the distance. In addition, I find such happiness in tending to my flowers and plants. Gardening does take oodles of patience. However, when you see something start to take off and bloom it can be so rewarding. I believe it to be the best kind of therapy!

This year, our plants have been a little slow to wake up from their winter’s nap. We have had a few really warm days, but for the most part it has been mild with a lot of rain. I was so proud of the way my roses were looking, but a hail storm came along and ruined that. Hopefully, with a little tender loving care, they will recover in the next few weeks.

On a side note, I have been battling some unwanted visitors. The other morning I awoke to find that the deer had a party on my patio the night before. They actually had the nerve to eat the flowers right out of my containers! Imagine that! Needless to say, I was a little upset to see my beautiful Caladiums eaten down to nothing. Also, with all of the rain, the snakes have been terrible. The other night I went outside to move my flower pots under the covered porch before a storm moved in. When low and behold a copperhead was stretched across the sidewalk! Needless to say, he was not allowed to stay around. Also, that night, I quickly ordered ten pounds of snake away granules.

For the underpinning of my table, I chose one of my favorite April Cornell tablescloths. The floral print and colors are perfect for a garden setting.

Haviland Moss Rose china paired with my grandmother’s pink glasses are placed at each setting.

The ruffled placemats are by Crown Linen Designs and the green checked napkins are from Amy Montgomery Home.

The centerpiece consist of Nantucket Blue Hydrangeas and pink Yarrow from my garden paired with roses from the grocery store. The container I chose to place them in is a willow curved vase from Nell Hills.

My friends, I am so happy that you were able to join me for lunch in the garden. Your visits mean so much to me. I promise I have several posts planned in the coming weeks. I know I have been absent, but with all of the sadness and heartbreak in our country and world I just needed to focus on my family and home. My heart goes out to all of those who are suffering right now. I pray for better times and peace for everyone. Know that I have missed you all, and promise to post more often. I have been working on a few things in the house that I cannot wait to share with you. Take care, and have a most happy day and blessed week ahead!

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  5. Oh, mercy, a copperhead! Frightening. But your garden fresh table is inviting and lovely.

  6. franki Parde

    Deer & copperhead…living the life of "Medusa!!" We have them, too!! What a year…17 deer…I live in fear of everything being eaten, trodden & "they just look @ me" when I try to "shoosh" away!! Your tablescape is lovely!! franki

  7. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    So glad to see your post pop up in my email today! Your table setting is just so beautiful! Those pesky deer can be a pain for sure. Copper heads are very scary! Looking forward to more posts.

  8. Shannon, the green background to your table is stunning. Gardening is hard even if we didn’t have to deal with the animals. A copperhead so close would put me in a panic mode. My hubby has seen three already this spring. Your table is beautiful with the floral AC tablecloth, Haviland moss rose china, and CL ruffled placemats. The glasses from your grandmother are a precious and a beautiful keepsake. Lunch sounds delicious and I would be thrilled to join you in your gorgeous garden! I am so glad you could hop today!

  9. What a lovely delight to hear from you this morning!
    You table is gorgeous with that AC tablecloth and stunning dishes. And oh your centerpiece made with a mix of your own flowers brought a smile to my face.
    Now I hope the snakes and deer stay away!
    Hugs and Happy June!

  10. Such a lovely table, thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing your latest home projects!

  11. Absolutely charming!! Loving the colors and the garden setting!! All so pretty! Thanks for sharing…Really enjoyed this post!!

  12. Such charm and elegance in a garden setting makes me reminisce about visiting family in Bavaria. Like you they valued the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. Thank you for this breath of freshness during an extremely difficult time in our country. Coming together we can bring about change . Blessings to you.

  13. Shannon, your garden looks so lush and green! I know it's disappointing when the hail damages plants, but my roses did survive and grew to thrive after all. Hopefully, it will be the same for you! Love your gorgeous centerpiece and all your lovely floral accents–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  14. Shannon, I am so sorry for the hail storm and damage from critters. Snakes gave you quite a fright. I know you are disappointed but hoping things have calmed down. There are plants that deter deer.
    Your tablescape is delightful! So colorful and pretty. I love the pattern and colors of your linens. Your china is lovely and the glasses from your grandmother are special. I know you miss her.
    The willow vase is very pretty and I love the flowers you chose. I have a vase just like it that I used for my Easter tablescape. It is so versatile.
    Good to bloghop again with you.

  15. Shannon, everything is beautiful. Your garden area is so lush and welcoming. Your pattern layering is always spot on. We too, have been battling snakes this year, as they are worse than ever. I sympathize with your dismay.
    Thank you for sharing your garden and tablescape, truly inspirational.
    Have a great summer!

  16. "Snakes. It had to be snakes" (Raiders of the Lost Arc) Hoo, I jump out of my skin with snakes. Here in Boulder we don't have copperhead, thank heavens, but we do have rattlesnakes. Have only come into our yard a couple of times in 30 years though. Pretty table, we miss you out here.

  17. Hi Shannon, You’ve been missed! What gorgeous table and setting, I can see why your garden is your happy place. I love all the pretty floral layers at your table from your April Cornell tablecloth, Haviland dinnerware and floral centerpiece with hydrangeas, alstroemeria, yarrow and roses. Gardening is not for the faint of heart with Mother Nature and her critters. I almost stepped on a 5-foot black snake that was in my daylily foliage a couple of weeks ago…at least it was a beneficial snake and not a copperhead! So happy to hop with you again. Happy Summer ♥

  18. Oh Shannon, your centerpiece is gorgeous! What a beautiful arrangement and it looks so fabulous on your pretty tablecloth! I love that you used pretty ruffled placemats on top of your cloth to set off beautiful floral plate stacks. Love the pink stemware too! Your garden setting is beautiful, but oh how awful the deer ate your flowers and there are snakes! So glad you are hopping with us today!

  19. Shannon, your table is so perfect for summer. I adore your April Cornell table linens. So pretty in pink florals. Crown linens is a favorite. Your Haviland Moss Rose china with your grandmother’s pink glasses is lovely. I so love pink. Such a pretty setting. So sorry about the deer eating your blooms, plus the snakes. I wish they would stay in the woods. A pleasure joining you on this fun summer tablescape blog hop.

  20. What a lovely garden and alfresco lunch area. I hope the snake doesn't keep you away from your beautiful yard. All of the table decor; flowers, china, glasses, and tablecloth are cheerful and bright!

  21. Oh I have missed you so much. So glad to see your tablescape post. Beautiful garden setting, Shannon. I especially love your grandmother’s stemware; pairs so nicely with everyone of your choices. I am looking forward to your new posts! Take care 🌺🌻

  22. Shannon, in spite of all the woes of the start of your gardening season, your lawn and island still look amazing in these photos! Your table is full of so many wonderful sources – all the textiles and your center vase. The passed along vintage/antique pieces of china and glassware always make my heart skip a little. A most charming setting and place to relax and enjoy all the hard work you've created in your landscape oasis. So sorry about the deer….I have two sisters who have just about given up on beautiful landscape bushes such as hydrangea, as the deer eat them all, and then do hoedowns in the mulch beds on what they don't devour. I even had a neighbor say the deer ate her roses, thorns and all, as well as a holly tree she just planted!
    Thank you for bringing your beautiful table to the group of stylists, as well as all the readers. Happy summer, Shannon!

  23. Shannon, your table is beautiful as is your garden. I am so sorry about the deer. They can be difficult to deal with and truly dishearting to a gardener. However, your centerpiece is gorgeous. I would thoroughly enjoy a visit seated at your lovely table.

    Have a wonderful week.

  24. Shannon, such a striking and beautiful table is an equally lovely setting! It all starts with that colorful table topper and floral centerpiece — a riot of shades against the cool green background of nature. So prettily styled with the vintage dishes, pink glasses and green plaid napkins. I wish I could tap my heels together and magically find myself sitting at your table.

  25. Bonjour, Shannon,
    Soooooooooooooooo Happy that you are back, I and all have missed you. Love all your garden setting's and the goodie's look so good very pretty and inviting, great color's, the dishe's are so charming, I could sit right down and enjoy~~~~~~~~Very Nice~~~Jean V .B., CA

  26. Shannon, what a lovely tablescape in a beautiful setting. A garden is such a magical and restful place to be. Loved your tablecloth and how your Havilland china blends so well. the pink glasses are the perfect accompaniment. The flower centerpiece is gorgeous and pulls all your colors together. Guests will enjoy sitting here and basking in the beauty of nature and your table.

  27. Shannon, glad you and that snake didn't tangle. I have a friend who walked out side onto her terrance one evening, stepped on a coral snake, and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I think a copperhead might be worse. Neither is an experience one wants to encounter. Sorry about the deer eating the contents of your wonderful summer containers. What a bummer!
    You certainly set a gorgeous setting despite the interference of nature. I love the April Cornell linen. She does beautiful pieces. The soft pink and green theme is perfect for an alfresco setting in a garden. Outstanding! Happy Summer!

  28. Shannon, your floral centerpiece goes so perfectly with your gorgeous tablecloth! Combine that with your pretty garden setting- you have created a wonderful setting to enjoy a summer gathering!! I walked out my door the other day to a snake in my sidewalk- not nearly as scary as a copperhead though. But it startled me! I can imagine your reaction! It is always a pleasure to hop with you, I hope you have a wonderful summer.☀️

  29. This is so pretty! I literally sighed when I saw your first photo, and I pinned it to my Pinterest Board, Happy Happy Joy Joy! LOL
    I love the April Cornell tablecloth, and the way the green and white checked napkins tie in the tablecloth with your plates is perfect. I love the flowers in your centerpiece. Their colors are breathtaking!
    Sorry about the deer. My friend told me that if I planted marigolds deer wouldn't bother the rest of the flowers because they don't like them. Have you heard that? Again, BEAUTIFUL table!

  30. Shannon, so glad to see your participation in the hop and your beautiful garden. I absolutely am a fan of April Cornell tablecloths. I love how your floral centerpiece with the beautiful flower combination plays off the colors in the tablecloth. Gorgeous! The smaller floral print dinnerware adds that subtle detail to the tablescape and works beautifully. Such a lovely garden setting (minus the snakes, of course). In Wisconsin, it is the mosquito.) I hope your roses have recovered from the hail storm and that you get to spend a lot of wonderful time in your happy place. Always a pleasure hopping with you.

  31. Your garden is such a wonderful location for a lovely table set with garden-worthy accessories. I can see why you would want to spend tranquil hours here. Gardening can be full of frustration == offset by beautiful rewards. Now copperheads are something else altogether, lol!

  32. Shannon, what a lovely setting for a luncheon! Now I really would like chicken salad and lemon cake! Your table is delightful and just perfect for a garden luncheon! Now, do be careful with snakes around! I had no idea there was something called snake away! I just love the bright colors and floral prints you have combined with the colorful flowers and pink stemware! With the lush greenery of the lawn and trees as a backdrop, it is like a theatre set! Bravo!

  33. I want to come sit at your summer time table Shannon…so pretty, relaxing and peaceful. Love the woods near by too. always fun hopping with you. Kari @ Me and My Captain

  34. Oh Shannon, this is just lovely! It's so pretty and feminine. What a perfect setting for a girlfriend's luncheon. The garden just adds to the ambiance. I'm crushing over that April Cornell tablecloth, and the centerpiece is gorgeous! Your photography is excellent, too 🙂 It was fun hopping with you. Happy Summer!

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