A Heart Full of Thanksgiving

Happy November, my dear friends! I’m so sorry for the long absence. I promise we are all fine, and I will fill you in on everything that has been going on around the house in a future post. But for now, I am so happy to be back with you and my talented tablescaping friends.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us? It is one of my most favorite holidays! It is that special day when loved ones gather around a table full of delicious food, join hands to say grace, and reflect on our many blessings. Last year, my family could not be together because of the pandemic, but we still managed to face-time and say grace together before we ate our Thanksgiving dinner. It is a memory that I will never forget. This year the holiday will be especially meaningful, because I will once again be with all of my family. That definitely makes one have a heart full of thanksgiving. I am a firm believer that no matter how bad things are, we all still have so much to be grateful for. In both good and bad times, hidden blessings are always around us.

Today, I feel blessed to be joining my tablescaping friends once again as we share our Thanksgiving tables. I am so grateful to Rita at Panoply for hosting this event. A list and links to all of the beautiful tables are at the end of this post.

My dear friends, please step inside my dining room and join me for a table and heart full of thanksgiving.

For this year’s table, I selected a traditional autumn color palette. The tablecloth I chose set the entire mood of the setting. It is a new purchase and is by Maison d’ Hermine.

For the plate stack, I chose to mix various china patterns. My favorite Johnson Brothers Friendly Village is joined by my Great Grandmother’s Haviland wedding china and my Mikasa English Countryside dinnerware. The dishes are perched upon ornate copper chargers placed on top of brocade cream placemats. For additional texture, green straw placemats were added to the ensemble. Bright red apples placed in cream soup bowls add an extra pop of rich color.

Mikasa Golden Tiara crystal glasses complete each setting.

The centerpiece is flanked with antique candelabras.

I really enjoyed creating the centerpiece for my table. There is something so calming about working with flowers. For the container, I chose my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village soup tureen. First, I secured floral foam that had been soaked in water into the container. Second, I added extra water with floral food to the tureen. Then, I started arranging. For the arrangement, I chose deep purple mums, snowball viburnum, yellow spray roses, orange tulips, and bittersweet.

Once the arrangement was finished, I perched it upon some old books for added interest and texture. Orange pumpkins surround the base of the arrangement and a gold tray anchors the entire vignette.

Thank you so much for joining me around my Thanksgiving table. I am always grateful for your visits and gracious comments. Please be sure and visit the other tables on the tour. Take care and have a most blessed and beautiful day!

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  5. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    Your table is is beautiful! I love your floral arrangement and your new tablecloth. I am glad you are able to share Thanksgiving with your family again.

  6. You honor your great-Grandmother by including her china on this beautifully set Thanksgiving table. You have your finger on the pulse of the holiday, its base meaning, and how to celebrate it in a way that brings both joy and comfort. Your centerpiece is a knockout! So lush and textural and totally colorful!!!! I especially like that you arranged the flowers in the same pattern tureen as the place settings. Very nice! I am a major fan of cream soup bowls, and I'm always happy to see them on a table! Thanksgiving starters like butternut squash soup are perfect in them, and the way you have them displayed with the crunchy red apples is lovely. I also really like the tablecloth you chose. It reminds me of my 222 Fifth "Maharana" dishes that I absolutely love. I do hope that all is well in your household for this Thanksgiving and the holiday season to come. Enjoy the blessings!

  7. So glad to see your beautiful post this morning. This is a spectacular tablescape. The floral centerpiece is fabulous, colorful and shows how creative you are. The plate stack, tablecloth, and colors you chose are so welcoming. I have missed you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Hi Shannon and welcome back! I have missed your lovely posts and so happy you joined us today! Your table is lovely, so many pretties on your new tablecloth! Those chargers are elegant and the plate stack is beautiful~ your centerpiece in the tureen on a stack of books on a tray is wonderful! I also love the pop of cranberry with the apples and napkins, so perfect for Thanksgiving! I love that you always have seasonal touches on your sideboard shelves too. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  9. Shannon, you have been so missed. I always love your warm and inviting tablesettings. The tablecloth is a real showstopper, perfect for autumn and Thanksgiving. Your plate stack is a lovely mix, Friendly Village is certainly special for this season and beautiful Haviland plates handed down from your great-grandmother is a beautiful reminder of family gone but never forgotten. The tureen centerpiece is a perfect mix of flowers. Wishing you and yours a wonderful season of Thanksgiving!

  10. So pretty and calming Shannon as I hope things are at your home now. We did miss you and this table is so stunning. I envy your flower arranging. I love flowers but so many times mine look like I just plopped them in a vase rather than artfully arranging them. LOL Your plate stack is so meaningful to you and at this time of year…so appreciated I'm sure. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  11. So happy to see your post in the mail today. Pretty new tablecloth and setting. Every time I read your posts I try to find words for the feeling your home brings to me. Warm. Nostalgic. Loving. Safe. Family. A place to feel at home. Pretty, of course. Glad all is well.

  12. Wow, can we say gorgeous? That first photo is so eye catching. Love your gorgeous glowers in the soup tureen. I adore your plate stack with Friendly Village. How special to have the Haviland plates handed down from your great-grandmother. Your hutch is beautiful showcased behind the table. As mentioned before we both have the same chandelier. Great eye! I need to find a soup tureen that matches my Friendly Village. Thanks for the inspiration and beauty. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.

  13. Shannon what a stunning table and centerpiece! Your floral arrangement is magazine cover worthy! Love the new tablecloth and pops of red you incorporated into the setting. The apple is so darling and clever too! I think it’d be fun to use a gold metallic paint pen and write guests names on them as place “cards.” Your plate stack is lovely with your great-grands Havilland included. I have 5 plates of my husband’s great-grands’ white H too. Adore those antique candelabras, what a great find!

  14. Your table is absolutely stunning! I love your plate stacks, and my favorite is your tablecloth. I have seen beautiful Thanksgiving linens for this blog hop, and your tablecloth is one of my favorites. And *of course* I love how you elevated your centerpiece with books. ;P

    Your centerpiece is gorgeous. I'm trying to learn more about flower arranging, and I think you could give me a lesson or two!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Ricki Jill

  15. Absolutely beautiful! What a stunning table you have set. Your new tablecloth was a fabulous purchases as your plate stack and placemats go so well all together.
    I also enjoyed your centerpiece… breathtaking!
    I always enjoy seeing your blog posts! I have missed you!
    Enjoy the rest of your day my friend!

  16. So happy to see you blogging. I adore this tabke and the tablecloth is gorgeous.

    Hope all is well. Pinned!

  17. Shannon, Your Maison d’ Hermine tablecloth is a beauty and perfect foundation for your Thanksgiving table. I love your flower arrangement in your tureen and plate stack with your Johnson Brothers Friendly Village and great-grandmother’s Haviland. It’s always a treat to join you at the table and hop with you! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  19. Shannon, I thought your beautiful plate stack was my favorite thing until you showed your gorgeous flower arrangement. Everything is so elegant. Everyone will be on their best behavior around your beautiful table.

  20. Just beautiful, Shannon!!! You had me at the gorgeous paisley table cloth and then sealed the deal with your fabulous floral centerpiece!!! Those chargers just spell elegance, and everything else stacks right up there with them. Such a pretty table to have a celebration. I hope all is well and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🧡

  21. Shannon, your table is gorgeous! I adore your new tablecloth. It is stunning in your room! Your candelabra are also so striking and then your beautiful flowers! I love a mixed bouquet and you found such pretty flowers that look great in your lovely tureen. Your plate stack is exceptional! Love it all.
    I understand a blogging break as I have taken one as well. We all need those.
    Your sweet and grateful spirit is inspiring and contagious! Have a lovely visit with your family for Thanksgiving.

  22. Hello, Shannon. I have certainly missed your posts. Your table is just beautiful ~ every detail. Your arrangement is show-bench worthy. It would take many categorical awards in a flower show. I know you will enjoy your family this Thanksgiving – the past year and months are not something any of us want to go through again. Wishing you lovely November days and a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  23. Color for days on this table!! Tureens are getting lots of love this season and they deserve it for their versatility. Your paisley print tablecloth is so pretty and an exceptional foundation for your table. Enjoy the family time, food, and festivities this Thanksgiving, and stay safe!

  24. Shannon, it's a treat to see your beautiful table and peek into more of your home. You know I'm a long time fan! The new tablecloth is lovely. I'm drawn to paisley and the colors are perfect. Your plate stack with the family heirloom Haviland makes a beautiful statement. Like you, I like to layer placemats for unexpected texture and added color. Your choices make an exquisite stack.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Shannon, first of all I am so happy you were able to join our group this time. Life is hectic, but celebrating family is most important. Your table setting is beautifully traditional. What a gorgeous tablecloth to add to your collection. Paisley is so classic. Another classic is that Johnson Bros Friendly Village. I so love that pattern, but have never had the chance to purchase it affordably. And what a beautiful floral arrangement in the an equally beautiful tureen! Your family is bound to feel your excitement of being together again simply as they approach this table you've set. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  26. Shannon, your centerpiece is absolutely gorgeous! I loved your layered dinner plates and antique candleabras, too! Have a lovely Thanksgiving! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  27. Shannon, your table is so very beautiful! It looks definitely like you put a lot of thought into the curation of your table. Must say that I love your new tablecloth! What a wonderful table to welcome back family! Such a hard year last year.

  28. Your table is sumptuous and lovely. The choice of plates in the plate stack brings pattern and depth, and contrasts nicely with the tablecloth. I have several items from Maison d’ Hermine and love them all. The antique candlelabra are a special touch. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  29. Shannon, what a beautiful table you have set for Thanksgiving! I cannot wait to hear what you have been up to, but it is a delight to be back in your familiar dining room! I am so impressed with your gorgeous plate stack! I can't believe that you were able to coordinate the different patterns so perfectly! The hutch looks so nicely dressed for the occasion! Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Shannon, your table is so elegant! I love the paisley tablecloth, and the floral arrangement is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for Friendly Village china as I was recently gifted my MIL's collection. I love how you paired yours with both old and new china. The plate stack is lovely! I'm sorry it took me a while to comment. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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