The Blue Room

Happy March, my dear friends! Spring is almost upon us, and that makes my heart sing. I hope that you are well and enjoying these last few days of winter. It has been a very trying winter for many in our country, and my heart goes out to all of those affected by the terrible winter storms.

We experienced temperatures we haven’t seen in decades. It actually got down to a negative 14 degrees at my house, and unfortunately we had some pipes freeze. In addition to freezing pipes, Mr.Bleu slipped on the ice, hurt his shoulder, and had a slight concussion. A few days later, I became ill with an infection that seemed to take forever to get over. Fortunately, we are both on the mend and brighter days are ahead.

Before the winter storms, my sweet hubby repainted the front sitting room. I had wanted to share this change with you sooner, but with all that has been going on I was unable to get a blog post together. The previous owners had painted the room a pretty yellow, but I needed a change. Also, the room really needed a fresh coat of paint.

The paint color I chose was my favorite Benjamin Moore color Palladian Blue. It just looks so pretty and makes everything seem so much brighter.

This painting is a new addition to the room. I am so proud of it and have been anxious to show it to you. As many of you know, I lost my dear poodle, Rusty, in early November. I was blessed to have him as a part of my life for 17 years. On Christmas morning, as I walked into the living room, this beautiful painting was sitting by the Christmas tree. My dear sweet daughter, Caroline, painted it for me as a Christmas gift. I’m sure you can imagine the tears that fell from my eyes. It was such a precious gift, created by someone with so much love in her heart, capturing the essence of our loving pet who was so dear to all of us. It is a true treasure, and when I look at this painting I am reminded of so much love.

My vignettes are always a collection of things that I love, have inherited, or collected over time.

Sweet friends, I hope that you have enjoyed your visit. It is my wish that you have a most blessed day and happy week ahead. This week, I’m planning on getting my bunnies out and starting my spring decorating. I’m so anxious for the new season. Take care!

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  1. Shannon, your updated room is beautiful! This new blue color makes everything pop and, you are right, it just makes the room happy. Your daughter created the perfect gift for you! I know it will be something you will always treasure. I’m so glad you and your husband are on the mend. It sounds like you two are ready for spring. Wishing you a blessed week!

  2. Beautiful room! Love the pale green walls that set the room up for its prettiness!

  3. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    Love that color of blue with your red. Sorry to hear about your infection and your husbands fall. Glad you are both on the mend. That painting is lovely.

  4. Been missing your posts. Can’t believe it’s March 1! I love the blue. The room is beautiful and fresh. Lovely start to a new season. Glad you and your husband are getting well. I’ll look forward to your Spring Bunny decor!

  5. I fell in love in your painting even before I read about the meaning behind it. It is adorable. I love your room. So happy to hear you both are on the mend.

  6. Well…that made me cry, such a sweet painting. I still cry sometimes, missing all my furry children, miss them always. We have one little yorkie girl who is getting older now. Love the blue paint, so cheerful for spring .Your home is so warm and inviting, it strikes a cord of nostalgia and family.

    • Thank you, Jillian, for your very kind and thoughtful words. Our fur babies always holds such a special place in our hearts. I hope you have a most blessed week ahead. Take care!

  7. P.S. Chord, not cord!

  8. Shannon, I am so thrilled you and hubby are on the mend and things look brighter around your house. The sitting room seems to be singing with the new blue walls. Everything just looks so fresh and colorful. Caroline’s painting of Rusty is so lovely and a gift that you and your family will always cherish. Wishing you a wonderful first week of March, my friend!

  9. Glad you and your husband are on the mend! Your new paint color is gorgeous with your red furniture, and the painting from your daughter is so sweet! Happy spring!

  10. Shannon, I love the painting of Rusty. I could squeeze your daughter fir such a thoughtful gift.

    I love the color you chose it's so soothing. All your pretty French accents pop and are so pretty.

    Happy everyone is recovering. I felt so horrible for everyone that went through that cold. We are used to it but not you. Hope you didn't lose plants outdoors.


    • Thank you, Cindy, for the kind words! I am worried about the plants, because several were newly established. I guess time will tell. I hope your sweet fur baby is doing better. Take care, sweet friend!

  11. What a beautiful shade of blue Shannon, and it's so perfect for your pink and red furnishings. I can't imagine how your were so pleasantly surprised with Rusty's painting! Your daughter did a fantastic job and I know this instantly became one of your very prized possessions! I am so sorry to hear you were so sick and your husband was injured…today is a new month and a new beginning, hurry Spring!

  12. Bobbi Duncan

    Just beautiful, Shannon! Your home exudes such warmth; I just love visiting it online! I am happy to hear you & hubby are improving. The painting your sweet daughter created is so thoughtful–know you will always cherish it. My son & his family live in the Tulsa area–shocked to learn y'all had such a cold winter. So many have had it rough since Covid became our new way of life–praying spring will lift all our spirits. Hugs!

  13. Shannon, the Palladian Blue paint is beautiful with your French country decor! Your daughter's painting is a true treasure.

  14. Good morning, Shannon. Your sitting room is lovely sporting its new color. It truly is a fresh and bright color. Seems to speak spring. And, your painting of your beloved and devoted friend is amazing. Your daughter is a talented and thoughtful soul. I know you will forever treasure it.
    Winter has been hard all across the country. I am glad you and your husband are on the mend and the warm weather and sunshine will only help.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely week, my friend.

  15. Someone in a previous comment wrote: the new wall color just sings! That is exactly how I feel – it is such a truly beautiful color and it makes the whole room feel like a little jewel box. From this one post, I have pulled out a pins for a half-dozen of my boards!! So glad to hear the challenges of this winter are behind you; your family definitely had a very tough road! Thank you for the joy you bring to us!

  16. They say that no news is good news. But when it comes to sharing and enjoying your beautiful decorating blogs, I had a sense that this time no news was not good news!!! Imagine my relief when I saw this blog in my emails.
    Your rooms are always inspiring. Be well and continue to do what you do so well. I'm so happy to see you back!

  17. Hi Shannon, I'm so glad that you and your hubby are on the mend. Hope your home repairs are up to speed and that life is getting back to a little more normal way. I'm in love with that color blue; it's such a gorgeous warm shade. I'm not a "blue" person, mostly because it tends to come across too "cool". But this is perfect and I can't imagine that room as yellow, now. Thanks so much for coming by to link up to the party at All About Home. I'm featuring your gorgeous room tonight!

  18. Shannon, I am late commenting. Have had grandchildren visiting and doing some traveling myself.
    Your blue room is beautiful. I love that shade of blue. It complements your furnishings beautifully. You are so good with interior design and have a great eye. I always enjoy your posts.

  19. Wow – I'm so glad you're both doing better – what a time! But your room is beautiful! And what a wonderful gift from your talented daughter. Completely perfect! Hope you have a lovely weekend over there my friend!

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