A Special Room

Happy Friday, dear readers! The weekend is almost here, and I am so ready for it to arrive! We are expecting beautiful weather, and I am anxious to be outdoors. Today, I would like to invite you into my home to show you around a very special room. It is definitely a “girly” room that is meant for enjoying conversation with friends and family, reflecting, reading a good book, or just escaping from the rigors of every day life. In fact, it has become a treasured spot for my sweet Caroline and I to sit, enjoy a cup of tea, and visit. You see, I am savoring every minute with this precious girl because next year she will be going off to college. Oh, how that pulls at my heart strings. Time goes by way too quickly!

Those of you who have followed me for a awhile know that a year ago I lost my grandmother. You also have seen many of her treasures displayed throughout my home. However, I have never taken you upstairs for a tour. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and I’ll give you the grand tour and a little backstory.

The upstairs houses two bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom, a movie room, a small kitchenette, and a large great room with a wonderful view of the backyard. When my grandmother passed, my uncle, aunt, and mother graciously allowed me to have the furniture that was in my grandmother’s formal living room. As a small child, I would marvel at all the pretties that were in her beautiful formal living room. Everything was so beautifully displayed. My grandmother’s traditional decorating style definitely influenced my mother and I.

This room is by no means perfectly decorated. It is a mixture of my grandmother’s things and mine combined, and as I previously stated it is a very feminine space. My decorating belief has always been a practical one which emphasizes decorating with the things that you love. I’ve always had to work with passed down items and consignment finds combined with a few new things. I have never had the luxury of just going out and choosing a house full of new furnishings. I have reupholstered and repurposed to make things work, but I have to admit I always love the challenge.

The chintz sofa was the focal point of my grandmother’s living room. I adore anything floral and love this pattern. Sometimes, when I am sitting on the sofa the smell of my grandmother’s house will waft through the air. I can’t lie…it puts a lump in my throat. My grandmother’s house always had the most delightful fragrance. It was something that even my children would comment on.

The green wingback chairs, occasional table, and coffee table also belonged to my grandmother. I simply added my own lamp, pillows, and accessories to this side of the room.

The opposite side of the room is made up of my things along with a few of her accessories. You may remember that the chairs were in my sunroom at my previous home.

I purchased the painting at my favorite consignment shop for a wonderful price. I needed something rather large on this long wall, and it worked perfectly.

Sweet friends, thank you so much for allowing me to share this special place with you today. I hope that you have a blessed day and beautiful weekend. Take care, and I will see you next week with some fall decorating ideas.

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  1. So pretty and i love the treasures you have that were your grandmother's. This must be such a special room.

    The painting you found is very pretty and the frame is gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing this special spot with us.


  2. Shannon, what a beautiful room! The furnishings that belonged to your beloved grandmother are so lovely and you have done a wonderful job incorporating them with your things. I love the feminine vibe, but this is a stunning room to be enjoyed by all of your family. How wonderfully blessed that you have precious memories attached, that is what really makes a room timeless. Enjoy your weekend sweet friend!

  3. This special room reminds me of my Mother’s living room. She has passed away but we still have everything in her house as it was and haven’t divided it up. Your room is so pretty!!!

  4. Shannon, you have created a beautiful and comfortable space in which to relax! As you enjoy this space, I can almost imagine your grandmother's hug! I can see why you call this a 'Special Room!" Zenda

  5. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    What a lovely room. I love the different patterns they play so well with each other.

  6. Shannon, your room is beautiful. How wonderful you have such a room where you can enjoy your grandmother's things and feel her loving presence with you. I, too, have always had furnishings and items which were passed along to me, or treasures from my thrift shop adventures. Truly, I wouldn't trade them for anything new, because of their marvelous character.
    Enjoy your day and weekend. Blessings, sweet friend.

  7. A special room indeed Shannon! What a treat to have a girly room for you and your daughter to enjoy! I have always loved the way you treasure your grandmother's things, and I did tear up when I read the part about the fragrance of her home and the memories you have of the furniture. Everything has been so well cared for, and it all looks beautiful. I was especially drawn to the painting, I adore art that "takes the viewer somewhere" as on that road, it draws you in and through the painting, making the room seem even bigger. Thank you for sharing your space and memories with us, and think of the memories your daughter will have too!

    • Thank you so much,Jenna, for your very sweet words. I agree with you about the artwork. I am so attracted to paintings that draw you in, and that is what attracted me to this one. I hope you are enjoying your week! Take care!

  8. Nancy Brantley

    How precious to inherit your beloved grandmother's furniture and enjoy with your daughter making those precious memories. I can see where you got your beautiful decor gene! Enjoy that room with grandmother's spirit. I know she is happy. Love your painting for that room. Have A Blessed Weekend!

  9. What a lovely room to escape to and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and read a good book. On the other hand what is better than making memories with your daughter with all the beautiful furnishings of your precious grandmother? Love it and God bless.

  10. Love the floral sofa and the chairs look nice as well. I have always liked sofa tables with lamps behind, that looks nice. I have a floral loveseat in our front sitting room that I like so much I could never part with. Happily, floral cottage prints are becoming "in" again…they have always been "in" around here!

    • Hi Jill, I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to floral prints…as I have always adored them. I know that your front sitting room must be beautiful. Thank you so much for your very sweet words! Take care!

  11. Shannon, It is so sweet to hear how much you loved your grandmother in everything you say about her furniture and accessories. It is special you have them to enjoy and I enjoy the stories behind each piece. You have done a great job decorating your special room.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Shannon, I loved reading this sweet story about your grandmother and how you can sometimes smell the fragrance left behind. The things that bring me the most joy are things I've inherited from my family. When I'm cleaning those pieces or just passing by them, so many memories are brought to mind, as if my loved ones have pulled me into days gone by…such a heart-warming experience. Hugs!

    • Thank you, Bobbi, for your sweet words about my special room! I have been meaning to respond to your last comment asking me about the green straw placemats. They came from HomeGoods last year. I haven't been to a HomeGoods in a long time, but in the past they have carried them in various colors. I hope you are enjoying this first week of fall. Take care, sweet friend!

  13. This is an absolutely gorgeous room. I am in love with all of it, but especially the rug. Do you have any info on it??
    I thought of you earlier today! I found the Charles Faudree Interiors book in a garage sale for 2$ :-). It will be a delightful read one cold day!
    Blessings to you, J

    • Hi Jaybird, thank you so much for your very sweet words! I purchased the rug off of Craigslist a few years ago. It is by Pottery Barn, and it is one of my favorite rugs. I know you are going to love the Charles Faudree book, and that was a wonderful buy. I hope you are enjoying this first week of fall. Take care!

  14. I love your room decorated with your grandmother's furniture and your own. It is very pretty and comfortable. I could spend a lot of time in there because there is nothing in there that I don't like. I am a girly-girl at heart. You did a splendid job of decorating! Thank you for inviting us in.

  15. What a lovely room to share with your daughter! The loving memories of your Grandmother must come flooding back for both of you when you sit in there.
    Beautiful my friend… so beautiful!

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