Changes and Additions to the Living Room

Good morning, sweet friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, and that your New Year is off to a great start. It has been bitterly cold here in Oklahoma with last week’s temperatures in the single digits. With the terribly cold temperatures and trying to avoid the flu, my family and I have been staying close to the house. My children are home schooled which also helps to curtail sickness. When they were attending a brick and mortar school, they were constantly sick. I lived at the doctor’s office and should have owned stock in the pharmacy.

Staying indoors has me moving furniture, switching accessories, and adding some new pieces to create a fresh new look. It seems that when the holidays are over, I always get in a redecorating frame of mind. Today, I want to share all of the changes and additions that I have made to my living room.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s go on a tour!

Before we begin this tour, we need to see how this room looked when Mr. Bleu and I purchased the house. I love a good before and after! The room was a dark mauve brown and had a large sectional which took up most of the space. Also, the television was above the fireplace. We had the cabinet altered to accommodate our television which allowed for some artwork and accessories to be placed on the mantel.

Now for the new and improved space along with a few additions….


If you follow my blog, you may notice that there is a new sofa in the room. Our old one was just too soft and worn down. Therefore, it was time to replace it. I did a lot of research in my quest for the perfect sofa. I am tired of buying a sofa, and a few years later it has lost its shape. Also, it is so difficult to find traditional furniture. Everything is modern and straight lined, and that is just not me. I am traditional in my taste and tend to not subscribe to trends. In my eyes, traditional is timeless and never goes out of style. While we are on the subject of trends, I am exhausted by the lack of color in home furnishings. Color plays such an important role in creating a mood. If you go to Pinterest and search for French Country design you will find all white rooms with subtle color. That is not the Charles Faudree French Country that I know. His style was full of color, pattern, texture, collected treasures, and beautiful antiques. This style is one of warmth, comfort, and elegance. That is what I adore, and that is what I will stay true to. I don’t care if it is on trend or not. I have never been one to follow the crowd. It is important that you surround yourself with the things you love…that is what makes a house a home and creates interest in one’s surroundings.


The red patterned pillows and chinoiserie pillows came with the sofa, and I purchased an extra pillow for my settee to tie the look together. I love the way the colors look in the room, but then again I adore color! However, I did choose a neutral sofa because it was an investment and something I hope to have for a long time.  If I want to change the look of the room, I can do so by changing pillows and accessories.

I added taller lamps to my side tables to create a more complete look along the long wall.

Believe it or not, after single digits earlier in the week, it was 71 degrees by the weekend. That allowed me to make a quick trip to Trader Joes for some fresh flowers. I created this quick arrangement, and I wish you could smell the fragrance of these flowers. It makes me long for spring.

Another new addition to the living room, was this oil painting of two King Charles Cavelier Spaniels. I had my eye on this painting since October. It was at a local consignment shop, but it had a three inch scrape on the corner of the canvas. It made me sick that it was damaged. I could just picture it on my mantel and knew it would be difficult to find a painting like this one. ..especially at an affordable price. Therefore after Christmas, I decided to take a picture of it and send it to a local art studio. The sweet lady at the studio told me it could be repaired for only $25 and that it was worth at least five times what the shop was asking for it. Needless to say, I hurried down to the shop and purchased it right away! I am so pleased with how it turned out.  The studio did a wonderful job in making the repairs, and you would never know that it had been damaged.

I decided to use symmetry when accessorizing the mantel. I perched ginger jars upon books at each side, and placed Imari styled plates on each side of the Staffordshire dogs.

The French blue chairs needed something more substantial placed between them. A bombay chest from another room was the perfect solution. However, it started a bit of domino effect which I will share at a later date.

For an added pop of color, a red chair found at a local consignment shop was placed in front of the book case. The book case houses some of my blue and white chinisoire pieces along with a couple of Imari pieces. I love the way the two work together so wonderfully. The Imari just adds a wonderful contrast to the book case and a nice addition of color.

There is a little side note about the red toile chair. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know the story. I had been eyeing this pretty little French chair for a week, and sweet Mr. Bleu told me I really needed to get the chair because I loved it so. I just didn’t know where to put it, and I had made a promise to myself not to buy anything unless I knew that I had a place for it. Well, we went back to the store, and I asked the store lady about the chair. She told me that it was a Charles Faudree chair. I thought to myself she is just telling me that because it is something that he would have used in his designs, but she told me that it was a real Charles Faudree chair. It came out of home that he had decorated, and the homeowner was downsizing.  (Mr. Faudree’s items are for sale everywhere due to Baby Boomers downsizing. In fact, there is an estate sale this week of another home that he decorated in the area.) The sales lady then proceeded to tell me about when he would come into the consignment shop.  She said that he was so humble and that you would have never known that he was famous. Needless to say, that chair followed me home.





Dear friends, I am so happy that you stopped by for a visit. I hope that your day is filled with lots of joy and happiness. Take care!!!

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  1. Cathy Merritt

    This space is divine! I love all of the changes! The sofa you purchased could not be any more perfect! I love the Imari additional and also your use of black in the bookcase it ties everything together and makes the whole room sing! On a side note…I have a couple of things I bought from Charles at his store several years ago but they are just little accessory pieces…I would love some of the pieces you have found…I soooooo need to make a trip up that way and find something!!!??? Have a wonderful evening!

    • Thank you sweet Cathy for your very kind words. I know that you must treasure your Faudree pieces. You can follow Estate Sales by Allen on Facebook. He tends to have most of the Faudree related sales. There is one going on today through Saturday, but I am unable to make it. You have to get there 2 hours before the sale starts to be at the front of the line. It is crazy how many people attend. Also, there is a Country French store where his store was on Cherry Street. I wanted to visit it after Christmas, but it was closed for the holidays. I peeked in the windows, though, and it looked like a picture out of a design book. I plan on going back to take a look around. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week sweet friend!!!

  2. Shannon, I absolutely love your living room! The new traditional sofa is perfect! When I saw your IG, I fell for the painting and of course, the Charles Faudree chair. I love the symmetry of the mantel! I couldn’t agree more on your thoughts about trends. I don’t do trends. I am like you, it doesn’t matter to me if color is not the current thing, it is what I love. My dining room has been red for 13 years. Guess what, red is now in vogue! Color will make a huge comeback, I predict because the trend setters are in business to make money. So the trends have to change, so the trend followers will have to redo their homes and many do that. Ok, rant over. LOL. I met Charles Faudree when he spoke to our local Antiquarian Society. He autographed his first book that I already owned. He was charming and warm. I told him I was an interior decorator and we struck up a pleasant conversation. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space, can’t wait to see more!

    • Thank you sweet friend for your very kind comments. I love what you had to say about trends. You are spot on! I also want to tell you that I have always admired your green sofa in your living room, and I wanted a green sofa so bad, but I could not find one in the right shade of green. I think a green sofa would go with so many different color combinations. How wonderful it must have been to meet Charles Faudree and have him sign your book. I know you must treasure the memory. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

  3. I love the room now Shannon! Yes, I agree with you on the traditional style. I don’t want to constantly be changing it every 5 years with the trends. Beautiful choices! Saw your post at the dedicated house party:)

  4. Shannon, What a beautiful post. I love your new painting and am so glad you inquired about it. I have learned it is good to engage people in conversation about the history of a piece or places that repair. You learn so much. I also like your new sofa which was a wise investment to buy a solid and change the look if you like with pillows. The chinoiserie pillow is fabulous and how nice you were able to buy an extra one to coordinate. The sweet chair is wonderful and how great to know it was used in one of Mr Faudree’s custom designs.

  5. Shannon, it’s a beautiful room! I too love color. When we were shopping for a new sofa a few years ago I was disappointed that everything was either cream or white. We ended up with cream with colorful pillows. We have already decided that we don’t care for our sectional. I love that toile chair! I have always loved toile and ticking. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Shannon, the room turned out perfect! You have made traditional love warm and inviting!

    xo Dianne

  7. This is my kind of fun! Love the room arrangement and the new picture is wonderful. I did the same with my sofa keeping it neutral so I can change the pillows for a new look. I really like the shape of the sofa you chose and the pillows! That chair had your name on it- what a great find. Your paragraph about how you feel regarding classic traditional design was as if I had written it.
    We’ve have warm ups into the 40’s which for us is quite a treat for this time of year- I can’t imagine it being in the 70’s! My kids always got sick within the first few weeks of returning to school and I was always so aggriavated by it.
    Few people up here would know who Charles Faudree was and finding any kind of treasures like you found would be extremely rare. It makes sense that you can find such things in your area since he was seen in local stores shopping. Lucky you!

    • Liz, I am so happy that you love traditional design as I do. Thank you for your very sweet words. Our weather is still crazy, it gets freezing cold then we will have a 70 degree day. Actually, today it is supposed to be 70, then we will have another cold snap. I am so ready for spring. Take care and enjoy your day!!!

  8. Your room is stunning! I agree you need to follow your own likes and style in decorating your home. Trends come and go but your home is a place that needs to reflect your own style and be a place you love to live in.

  9. Dear Shannon: Your living room is fabulous. I am in love with your painting and I do believe you would have been sorry if you had not purchased it. It is beautiful over your mantle. Your new sofa is lovely and I have also found traditional furniture hard to find. And, I agree with you, regarding trends. I avoid them like the plague.
    Seeing your red made me miss the color a bit. In our previous home, I used a lot of red and I suppose I became tired of it, as I don’t have too much in this home. Perhaps, I will correct that.
    Now to the star of the show, your stunning Charles Faudree chair. Oh – I would probably just sit and stare at it – honestly I think it is that wonderful. What a treasure you have, from a dear man. We lost much when we lost him.
    A lovely post Shannon. I am rather new to your blog – but I won’t stay that way.

    • Sandra you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your very kind words! Sometimes, I do sit and stare at that chair, and can’t believe it. I never tire of looking at Mr. Faudree’s wonderful designs. In my eyes, they are timeless. Take care, and enjoy your day!!!

  10. I love your living room but like you, I do like the traditional style. I love the story about the chair and what a good idea to have the painting repaired. All in all a lovely room.

  11. What a beautiful living room! Your interior design is absolutely stunning!

    I agree with you. Being on trend is not my cup of tea! I heard someone say once… “if you decorate with what you love, then every time you enter the room your heart will be filled with joy!”

    Happy New Year!

    • Nance, I love your advice. It is spot on! Thank you for your very sweet comment! I have been visiting your beautiful blog, and enjoy reading your posts. However, I can’t find a place to leave a comment. The pot roast recipe looks yummy! Take care, and enjoy your day!!!

  12. Shannon, Your room is gorgeous and I really love your newly found red chair! Thank you for sharing with us at Share Your Style.

  13. Shannon,
    Your living room is gorgeous! I am so jealous that you have access to actual Charles Faudree pieces.I think that a lot of blogs decorate in white because the photos really pop, but I’m with you on loving some color in a room. And you homeschool… you must be Superwoman!

  14. I love the traditional sofa. I am looking for one similar. Where did you find it? I have black and white dogs on my mantle and two chairs that are black rather than blue, for now. My table between them is roughed up from my cat. That is how he keeps an eye on the yard. He has only one eye. Love your .color.

    • Hi Frances! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. The sofa was purchased at a furniture store in a nearby town (GK Furniture in Muskogee, Oklahoma). It is made by Kincaid. The store carries a lot of the Kincaid pieces, and I saw several beautiful styles of sofas. I am so happy that you stopped by for the tour! Take care, and have a wonderful and blessed day!!!

  15. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It gave me a chance to come meet you. Like you I love colorful French Country style. I hope you sign up to follow my blog as I make my new house a cozy home! I just subscribed to your blog.

    • Hi Penny! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I have already been subscribed to your blog for a while. I found you when one of your beautiful homes was in the French Country Living magazine. I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful new home! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  16. What a deal on that CF chair. It is lovely! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  17. gretchen roberson

    I LOVE the King Cavaliers print! I collect the dogs and have several. Also started collecting Ginger cool that I saw this lovely display! I have 2 large ceramic dogs as well! LOVE the red chair! I use Country French decor in my living room..with the colors of Provence..golds, green, red and blue. I’ve mixed toiles in as well~this is my new go to site..! xxx

    • Thank you so much, Gretchen, for your very sweet comment! It made my day! I am so happy that you found my blog and share the same love of decorating as I do. I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!

  18. Bobbi Duncan

    Shannon, I love your oil painting and your red toile chair is divine! I saw a similar painting several years ago that I regret not purchasing, all due to the fact that I had just gotten so many things for our new home already. I have been on the hunt for another ever since. I am so with you about the all neutral look…most homes just look like the next. Mr. Faudree would cringe, I’m sure, to see how French Country has changed. Classic elegance, done correctly, never goes out of style…it’s been around hundreds of years. It’s also cost effective not to keep jumping from one trend to the next…just changing out some pillows or getting a new porcelain is all that’s needed when you have the furniture in place. My son and dil live outside of Tulsa. I’ll have to check out the new store on Cherry St. that you mentioned. Our home is mostly formal and country English, with several French antiques thrown into the mix. Our master bedroom is also French Country. I have been searching for sometime now to find an interesting blue and white toile fabric, such as the one on your Faudree chair. Do you know of a fabric site that may have something similar? Any help would be sooo appreciated.

    • Hi Bobbi, thank you so much for your very sweet words! It is so wonderful to know that you share my same love of decorating in a classic, traditional style. I bet your home is just beautiful! About the blue toile fabric…it can be difficult to find. Sometimes, the Fabricut outlet in Pryor will have a toile pattern. Another place to look online is If you find something, it can be ordered on Amazon, and they give you a discount for additional yards. That is how I ordered the fabric for my sunroom chairs. If you are looking for blue toile bedding or curtains there is a set by Sherry Kline sold at both Neiman Marcus and Horchow. I have the red, and my mother has the blue. It is really pretty. If you will watch, both stores alternate their sales, and you can get if for a fair price. In fact, I purchased mine this same time of year. Again, thanks for your very kind words. Have a wonderful week!!!

  19. Beautiful home! Thank you for also sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  20. Shannon your home looks so wonderful! I agree with you about not liking the lack of color and the modern furniture that is everywhere right now! I was trying to find a red toile for one of my bedrooms and it was sooooo hard! In fact, it was hard finding any toile much less a red one! Not like 10 some years ago when you could find toiles! I love Imari… it goes with so many different things and looks great how you styled it! Of course I ador the chair too! Also like the painting over the fireplace… looks better than the tv over the fireplace in the picture above it. Have a nice Sunday!

    • Thank you, Angelina! I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful new house. Your powder bath looks as if it is out of a magazine! I can’t wait to see more! Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  21. Every space of your room is gorgeous. You did an amazing job. My fav, if I can say that, it’s your mantel vignette with the blue and white and books.
    Visiting from Amaze Me Monday, where you are featured.

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