Dreaming of Spring

Welcome friends! If you are dreaming of spring as much as I am, you are in for a real treat. This week, I am joining my tablescaping friends to bring you lots of spring inspiration.This fun tour is being hosted by Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate.  A schedule of the participants is listed at the end of this post.

If you look real close, you might see some snow outside the windows. We woke up to a light snow this weekend.


Each placesetting consist of a green straw placemat, pink scalloped charger plates, and Lenox Blue Butterfly Meadow Plates.

Pink cloth napkins with Lenox butterfly napkin rings complete each setting.


I’ll have to let you in on a little secret…I used faux flowers for my centerpiece. I know that  some people are against using faux flowers, but there are some really nice ones on the market. With winter weather and the whole house suffering from a terrible head cold, I wasn’t able to get to the store to buy flowers. Therefore, I had to improvise and use what I had on hand. I simply arranged the flowers in a blue and white ginger jar.

Sitting in the window and ready to welcome in spring are Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit.




Thank you for your visits, dear friends! Please be sure to visit my friends on the tour. I know that you will see lots of beautiful spring inspiration. Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Shannon, I love your spring tablescape even with snow on the ground ? The tablecloth gives a vivid background for you to work your magic on. The Lenox Blue Butterfly. Meadow plates are perfect for springtime. I love the pink chargers, I don’t remember seeing them before. The faux flowers look beautiful! It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you my friend!

  2. Shannon, I love all the versions of Lenox Butterfly Meadow, but the blue is stunning with the large peony-like blooms! Your faux flowers are so realistic and make a beautiful bouquet in your blue and white ginger jar. I love how your plaid tablecloth ties all the pinks and blue together too. I wouldn’t have minded trading our abundant rainfall for some white fluffy snow back in February, but when the calendar page turns to March, I’m ready to hop into spring like Mr. & Mrs. Bunny! As always it’s a pleasure to have a virtual seat at your table and blog hop with you. ♥

  3. Oh, how beautiful! I just love the whole room, and the tablescape is just so inviting and warm. I am visiting with you for the first time today and am so happy to have “met” you! Many blessings to you!

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  5. Shannon, your Spring table is stunning and need I say more about the room in the background? I so love the colors that you have chosen that truly compliments your beautiful French Country room…I am such a fan of the Butterfly Meadow plates. If you had not mentioned that your flowers were faux, I would have never thought they were…they are so beautiful and truly realistic…Hope you are feeling better Shannon…Have a most beautiful day!!!

  6. Ooh, Shannon, those Lenox butterfly plates are pretty! I love how you kept it grounded with the tablecloth, yet still coordinating your mix of pinks and blues. The roses are beautiful, no need to rationalize for us what still looks classy. I think sharing alternatives like good faux flowers are a true gift to readers, especially for those who struggle with allergies, asthma and, in your case, head colds. Once again, your place setting looks wonderful in your home setting. Spring, come soon!

  7. I love your butterfly theme table!! Those plates are divine. Not one thing wrong with artificial flowers, especially when it is so dang cold!! Love your little rabbits on the windowsill.

  8. Shannon, your table is beautiful. I so love the Lenox butterfly plates. I can well remember having them in my hand and placing them back and walking away. Truly, it is a gorgeous pattern. Your roses are perfect and I would not have known they were faux. Hope you feel better soon and that spring will arrive in your area soon. Happy week to you, sweet friend.

    ps. Love the napkin rings!

  9. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    What a pretty setting. I love the tablecloth and the pink chargers.

  10. Your springtime table is beautiful! The roses take center stage and the blue hydrangea dishes are lovely. The pink dinner plates enhance the salad plates nicely and butterfly napkin rings are beautiful. Spring can’t come quickly enough for me but since we are still heavily blanketed with snow it will be a little while longer before we see real signs of it here!

  11. Your table certainly is telling the snow to go away with it’s pretty Spring colors! I am crazy about the plaid cloth with the blue and white vase and pink flowers, that is such a great pairing! I agree about the faux flowers, I even bought some myself and am really enjoying them {no pesky water changing every other day!} The Lenox plates are so pretty, and the butterfly napkin rings are adorable! I love Mr. & Mrs. Bunny too, hurry Spring! {We are 24 degrees in Alabama this morning!}

  12. Shannon I hear ya on the head colds as I am in the same situation. I am staring at my bedside table which looks like a pharmaceutical lab. LOL So imagine my joy at seeing your lovely Lenox Blue Butterfly plates which are a favorite of mine. (yes, I do see the snow outside thee window) Your pink roses capture the springtime table…and if you didn’t tell us, we would not have guessed they were faux. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you.

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  14. Shannon, your table is beautiful! I love those plates and your stemware! I would have never known your flowers were not real. I went to the florist to get some peonies but they were so small and so sad, I just couldn’t imagine trying to make a centerpiece out of them. I opted for lilies and tulips, as you will see on Thursday! Have a great day! Hugs!

  15. Such a lovely table Shannon. The colorful plaid tablecloth makes the perfect base for your springy of feel. Sometimes faux flowers have to do, which is what I used on my Spring table, too! You are right, they have gotten so much more realistic, and of course, you can use them again and again. The white snow outside must make you yearn for Spring even more. Your Lenox dishes are lovely and colorful! Thank you for joining another hop!

  16. Your table is beautiful, and to echo others, the faux flowers are beautiful, and no need to justify them! Fresh is nice, but faux flowers have come a long way and many are so realistic these days, and definitely more cost effective in the long run. Bring on spring, I’m in Oklahoma as well and it’s been a long winter! Also, thanks for recommending French Quarter Antiques, I loved it and found a beautiful bookcase there for my home office makeover! I also loved Britton Street Mall next door that recently re-opened.

    • Vicki, I am so happy that you loved French Quarter Antiques and found something for your home. I can’t wait to make a trip that way and visit the Britton Street Mall. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I hope that you enjoy your week!!!

  17. Oh Shannon, I am swooning over your butterfly plates and napkin rings. Butterflies are so meaningful to me.
    You have a great eye for design to find that tablecloth and style your table with such personality and creativity.
    Your faux flowers are amazing. They favor David Austin’s roses.
    Your table is lovely and your room is magazine worthy.

  18. Your plaid cloth is a beautiful complement to the rest of your table. I seldom use real flowers so the faux ones are always a winner with me. I, along with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit am eager for spring. Hope you are feeling better.

  19. Shannon, you sure fooled me, my first impression was what gorgeous roses they must have cost a fortune! Love how you paired the rose color with the blue and white vase — a stunning centerpiece.

  20. So elegant and yet your table has a casual, country twist to it. I love it. I love the combination of patterns in your tablecloth, blue and white print vase and butterfly plates. Your butterfly napkin rings are such a lovely detail. Your choice of large pink/blush flowers for your centerpiece is so captivating. It works so well with the various colors and patterns. Your bunnies are adorable. How can you not fall in love with their sweet bunny faces.

  21. What a pretty table, Shannon!! As a lover of all thing plaid, I love your tablecloth. You have created a wonderful mix of colors and patterns with a gorgeous centerpiece! Your butterfly napkin rings are darling. It is always a pleasure to hop with you!!! Happy Spring!

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  25. Shannon, I agree with you when it comes to faux flowers. They can look so lifelike, as is the case with yours. I really enjoy your gold edged pink chargers. And those bunnies sitting in the window sill add a touch a whimsy that I adore! Beautiful!

  26. Awww, your bunnies are adorable! I would have never known those were faux florals–they are gorgeous! Beautiful table setting, Shannon! Happy to be joining you for the tablescape hop this week! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  27. Everything is so lovely and elegant. Those bunnies are adorable.

  28. Shannon, your table is so pretty. The plaid is lovely. The color tie in beautifully with your family room.
    Mixing patterns and colors is so smart. The butterfly napkin rings are adorable. Love seeing those sweet bunnies. The flowers look so pretty in your blue ginger jar. Truly a lovely spring table to enjoy.

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  30. Shannon, it’s truly amazing how realistic faux flowers look these days…you had me fooled! I love how you arranged them in the blue and white ginger jar. It’s nice how your plaid tablecloth ties all of the colors of your table together. The butterfly plates and napkin rings are lovely and just right for Spring. It’s a pleasure hopping with you. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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  35. Shannon your table is beautiful. You know I love all things butterfly so the plates and napkin rings really made me smile. You gathered together beautiful things and your blue ginger jar with pink roses is so beautifully surrounded by all things spring. Pinned, xo

  36. Oh Shannon your tablescape is lovely! The very first thing I thought was, “I wonder where she found those beautiful fresh flowers this time of year?” I used to be against faux flowers and plants but they have come a long way and now I love decorating with them. Your plaid tablecloth is wonderful and as always I love how you have styled your table.

    I am so happy to be hopping with you this week. Happy almost spring my friend!

  37. Shannon, I love being on tablescape blog hops with you because you always have the prettiest tables. I love the plaid tablecloth as a base for the beautiful blue vase and flower centerpiece. The plates are so pretty too. And what a cute bunny. What a wonderful table to enjoy.

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  39. Shannon, what a simply stunning Spring tablescape! I love the colors you used and the dishes are so pretty! The butterfly napkin rings are adorable! I look forward to hopping with you!

  40. Such a beautiful table, Shannon! I love the plaid tablecloth with the butterfly dishes and napkin rings! Hoping that the snow is melted soon and that you enjoy a beautiful spring!

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